Showtime is on sale!

Showtime® is on sale! The kids are back at school, pumpkin spice everything is at the store, and soon the… more...
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Beware of charity scams

There are many government funded programs that help disaster zones, yet personal donations are nearly always necessary to meet all the needs. However, before you click that 'Donate Now' button, stop and consider a few things so you can avoid phonies who prey on goodwill.
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Barenaked Ladies Stunt

Cheap Tunes Tuesday

On the rarest occasion a song or band can come on the radio and an entire group of random people in the store, car—wherever you are, all sing along with glee. In today’s case, the band has such a fun, jam vibe, it’s hard not to belt out the lyrics and tap your toes with a big smile on your face. And to score a whole album of their music for only $5? Totally worth it.
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8 pasta recipes that taste just like Italy—Seen on Pinterest

In Italy, pasta is a staple, eaten almost daily by many Italians. Not always served doused in red sauce or paired with meatballs (which are traditionally eaten on their own, not with pasta), pasta can make a delightful first course, or primi, or it can be the main star of a meal. We've gathered eight ideas sure to impress even an Italian.
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Happy Birthday U.S. Air Force

Today the U.S. Air Force turns 70. Read some of our employees' stories from their time in service with the U.S. Air Force.
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Weekly Tech News Roundup

This week: Apple has officially announced the release of their new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which contains many new and exciting features! Also, Venmo is creating a debit card for users to access their account balances and Tesla plans to release an electric semi-truck, which could transform that truck driving industry!
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TDS to improve broadband to 3,680 locations in Boone County, Indiana

Construction is now under way to expand and improve broadband to 3,680 locations in Boone County, Ind. TDS Telecom (TDS®)… more...
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TDS to improve broadband to 1,475 locations in Livingston County, Kentucky

Construction is now under way to expand and improve broadband to 1,475 locations in western Kentucky. TDS Telecom (TDS®) began… more...
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mosinee (7)

TDS Telecom to improve broadband to 817 locations in northwest Ohio

Construction is under way to expand and improve broadband to 817 locations in northwest Ohio. TDS Telecom (TDS®) began work… more...
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social media

How to create a social media will

Social media accounts play a big part in people's lives, so what happens to those accounts once you pass away? Find out how each social media platform will handle your account and figure out how to be proactive with your account settings.
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