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Finding a furry friend in the era of COVID-19

Finding a pet may be a little different during the pandemic. While many shelters, rescue leagues and breeders are closed for in-person visits, many are still posting photos and videos of available animals, and hosting online meet-and-greets. But like any major decision, it pays to do your homework—especially because scammers are trying to take advantage of the situation.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Brothers Osbourne

Whether you’re a country fan or not, you’ll probably find a couple tunes here for you. Kickin’ the feet and tapping the toes is a great way to get through these strange times, and you might find a similar joy today listening to this album. And hey, if you don’t—it ain’t my fault! Happy Tuesday!
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Four-day HBO & Cinemax FREE preview weekend!

Good news, TDS TV customers: you’re getting a preview weekend of HBO and Cinemax! The shows and movies on all of these channels will appear in your channel lineup starting May 14 and won’t end until Monday, May 17.
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The Verve Pipe_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Verve Pipe

The single “The Freshmen” caught fire with radio all over the U.S. nearly a year after the album release. The single would jump all the way to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and drive sales for the overall record. Hop in the time machine back to 1997 today. Maybe you weren’t a freshman, but you probably weren’t under any quarantine, and doesn’t that sound like better times?
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Distance yourself from eye strain

Having your work space be at home may only be increasing the amount of time you're spending in front of a screen—after all, it’s harder to get away and, with COVID-19, many of us are turning to recreational screen time to pass the time while social distancing. Help reduce eye strain with these nine tips.
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Last-minute Mother’s Day 2020 gift ideas

There’s little doubt that Mother’s Day 2020 will be the strangest one in years. Unfortunately, many families will be unable to visit in person due to social distancing, so here are some ideas give a gift to show you care.
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John Denver_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: John Denver

You’d probably be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard a few John Denver tunes in their lifetime. But if somehow you missed out on him, this album is John strumming the guitar, using that talented vocal to draw you in. It’s not full of pomp and circumstance—it’s music for people who love to sit on the porch in their favorite chair and drift away with their toes tapping.
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Wizard of Oz_Leah K

TDS hosts recycled art fair on Earth Day

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, TDS’ employee group dedicated to making the world a greener place hosted its first-annual Recycled Art Show. Employees from across the country—including those at our sister company U.S Cellular—were invited to submit works of art using materials that were either recycled or upcycled. Check out a few of the entries!
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TechSee_cell phone_camera

New virtual visit tool

We just launched an important new safety tool to help provide remote, real-time customer support. Starting this week, TDS technicians can perform installations and help troubleshoot service-related issues without ever having to make an in-home or in-business visit.
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Lana Del Rey_born to die

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Lana Del Rey

She's sold millions of albums, The Washington Post listed her as the sole musician on their “Decade of Influence” list, and various other publications have praised her songwriting and vocals. Give this one a shot today--whether you're wearing blue jeans or not!
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