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Tips for securing smart home devices

From doorbells, lights, and thermostats, to refrigerators, stoves, and garage door openers, having internet-connected devices can offer loads of convenience—but they can also pose real security risks. Get seven tips to help keep your home network more secure.
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bad passwords

The 20 worst passwords of 2021

In 1987, comedian Mel Brooks made fun of the password 12345 (and those who use it) in one of his movies—but here’s the not-so-funny punchline: that same bad password is the third most-common one in use THIS YEAR. Find out what the other 19 are (and stop using them!).
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Scam photo larger_Amazon

FTC tells you what you need to know about Amazon impersonators

Has Amazon contacted you to confirm a recent purchase you didn’t make or to tell you that your account has been hacked? The FTC shares this is a common scam and gives you ways to stay safe.
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FCC warns of Emergency Broadband program imposter website

Scammers are trying to capitalize on the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program by setting up illegitimate websites that ask for payments in return for devices and services. The FCC has issued a consumer advisory.
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BBB says: Watch out for fraudulent QR codes

When you receive email that doesn’t seem quite legit, you’ve been warned not to click on links or open unknown email attachments. Now there’s something new you need to be on the lookout for. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers about phishy QR codes.
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Warning: Even the FTC is being used in a phishing campaign

We talk to you fairly often about phishing scams. That's because, unfortunately, scammers use our name in emails to try and trick you into revealing personal information. Today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed the commissioner's name is also being used in a phishing campaign. Learn more about what's happening.
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Amazon Sidewalk: key things to know

Today, June 8, Amazon is rolling out its new Sidewalk Wi-Fi sharing feature on all capable devices such as Echoes and Ring cameras and lights (note: eero devices are not). There are definitely things you should be aware of now that it's going live.
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FTC: Hang up on auto warranty calls

Have you gotten a recorded phone message from “Susie” with the “Vehicle Service Department” calling about your vehicle warranty? That’s, like, so retro. But fanny packs, scrunchies, and tie dye are back—and so are vehicle warranty robocalls. The FTC offers advice for dealing with these annoying calls.
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Phishing alert!

We’re getting increased reports of phishing emails to customers claiming to be from TDS but are actually from @cableone email addresses in many cases. These phishing attempts, which urge you to click on web links and/or open a Google form, are NOT from TDS. See a screenshot and learn what you should (and shouldn't) do.
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vaccination card sm

Vaccination card scams

You may be excited about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, but you need to be thoughtful about how you share the news. Experts are chiming in to warn you to NOT post a photo of/with your vaccination card. Why? You could be inviting identity theft. Learn how it might happen.
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