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#NeverForget Sept. 11, 2001

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Even though two decades have passed, those old enough to remember… more...
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teen learning

Scholarships and Programs for Young Learners

With children going back to school, it’s a great time to look into educational opportunities that may help prepare them for their futures or even help with future educational costs. Programs and scholarships are for more than just kids headed to college—they can also be for students as young as their first year of elementary school.
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10 online tools for every college student

College is no joke. From struggling with writer’s block to forking out hundreds of dollars for textbooks, you face many challenges before earning that degree. Here are 10 online tools to check out, bookmark, and use to make college a little easier.
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6 benefits of keeping your landline

Is the landline you’ve had since 2004 still necessary? Although it seems like your web-surfing, picture-taking, Amazon-shopping smart phone does it all, there are benefits to keeping your landline. Here are six great reasons why you shouldn’t be so quick to cut the cord.
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Ultimate 2021 summer reading guide compiled by TDS associates

We have officially transitioned from cuddling-under-a-blanket-by-a-fire weather to sipping-iced-tea-on-the-porch weather, and with that comes a new round of books to read. Whether you're still on book one or rapidly checking off titles, take a look at these books recommended by TDS associates.
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FTC: Hang up on auto warranty calls

Have you gotten a recorded phone message from “Susie” with the “Vehicle Service Department” calling about your vehicle warranty? That’s, like, so retro. But fanny packs, scrunchies, and tie dye are back—and so are vehicle warranty robocalls. The FTC offers advice for dealing with these annoying calls.
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10 museums to check out in TDS communities

Today is International Museum Day, a day aimed to raise awareness about museums as an important avenue to learn more… more...
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FTC: Watch out for romance scams

It’s never too late to find love, and lots of dating sites and apps are there to help. But scammers are out to steal your heart, too…and then steal your money. This Older Americans Month, let’s talk about romance scams. These can happen when someone makes a fake profile on dating sites, apps and social media.
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Mother’s Day 2021: 15 gifts to make mom’s day

Mother’s Day is May 9 and we're bringing you some unique and fun gift ideas to show mom you care. Here are 15 perfect presents to make sure your mom feels like she’s number one.
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2021 NFL Draft: Preview, viewing information

The NFL draft is about to begin! Find out how to catch all the action and read more about the top five quarterback prospects.
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