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TDS 50 for 50

Two more 50th anniversary charitable donations

June marks the halfway point in the TDS 50 for 50 Golden Year of Giving initiative. The funds are being given to charities nominated and chosen by employees from all of the companies. In May we told about about three of the TDS-selected charities that were awarded funds, and we're pleased to share that two more have been added to list of winners!
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4th of July

Some small towns celebrate the 4th in big ways

In some cases entire towns commemorate the country’s independence—and some really do it up in style. Five of TDS’ communities were named as top small town places for celebrating July 4th in big ways. Check out what gives these cities an extra spark:
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FTC: There are no “quick fixes” to clean up your credit

If you’re trying to clean up your credit, you’ll come across plenty of companies offering an easy fix. But any company promising instant results for a price is likely a scam. The FTC offers a warning and tips if you need help.
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Six issues surrounding youth and internet safety

It's Internet Safety Month and, with new data showing kids spend upwards of 8 hours online each day, now's the perfect time to get in the know about key issues that could impact your child. Our infographic highlights six dangers you and your children need to be aware of to stay safe.
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Top 5 things NOT to do on your resume

Writing a resume is more of an art form than a science and, depending on your industry and your career choice, it can be hard to make yourself stand out from the stack of resumes a recruiter and hiring manager receive. Some applicants get exceptionally creative in an effort to try and make it to the top of the pile—often times to their detriment. A TDS recruiter shares her expert tips for getting noticed for the right reasons.
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Giving back to young students in Dane Country through JA

Telephone and Data Systems, TDS' parent company, is celebrating it's 50th year—but Junior Achievement (JA) is 100! In 2019, ten TDS employees volunteered with the non-profit organization, teaching over 200 students in 12 elementary classes throughout Dane County, Wisconsin. Learn why these employees are passionate about giving back.
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What is Memorial Day really about?

What is Memorial Day really about? A TDS employee and veteran—with the the help of a few others—answer this question. As it happens, it's not a day that means the same thing to every veteran.
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TDS 50 for 50

TDS employees select charities for donations in the company’s golden year

To celebrate 50 years of service, Telephone and Data Systems, TDS’ parent company, is supporting communities across the U.S. through its 50 for 50 Golden Year of giving initiative. The company is donating a total of $50,000 to 22 charities! Several organizations nominated by TDS employees have already received donations.
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Cell phone dialing

FCC: Get a one-ring call? Don’t call back

When you receive a phone call from a number you don’t know, and the call stops after just one ring, don’t call back.The Federal Communications Commission is noting that this scam is “ back with a vengeance.” Find out what you need to know.
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Earth Day by Daniela Lyra_Flickr

TDS and Earth Day: A half century in the making

Fun fact: TDS and Earth Day are almost the same age. Just as customers' appetite for new technology has grown, so has the need for environmental consciousness and stewardship. In honor of this year's Earth Day theme, we're sharing tips on how you can help endangered species today, and every day.
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