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Don’t answer another online quiz question until you read this

Before you take a quiz to find out which Marvel character you are, ask yourself: Do I know who’s gathering this information about me — or what they plan to do with it? Read more about why you should take extra care before answering that online quiz.
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FTC: Avoid scams in the aftermath of Merbok, Fiona and Ian

As recovery efforts continue in areas hit hard by mother nature’s recent bi-coastal punch, scammers are not far behind. They see tragedy as opportunity, and they'll use the devastation caused by severe storms to try to take advantage of those affected.
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10 perfect Father’s Day movies

Here at TDS, we love our fathers—and our movies! This Father’s Day, sit back, relax and enjoy one of these movies about fatherhood.
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Tips to make a difference this Earth Day and beyond

Make this the year you turn Earth Day into a year-round effort (#earthyear). Here are eight ways to incorporate saving the Earth into your everyday life
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Make your donation count by avoiding end-of-year charity scams

Charities in need of support will be making year-end appeals by phone, mail, email, and social media. Scammers know that, too, and every year try to trick people into giving to them, not the real deal. So here are some steps to take to make sure your money will support the programs you care about.
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#NeverForget Sept. 11, 2001

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Even though two decades have passed, those old enough to remember… more...
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teen learning

Scholarships and Programs for Young Learners

With children going back to school, it’s a great time to look into educational opportunities that may help prepare them for their futures or even help with future educational costs. Programs and scholarships are for more than just kids headed to college—they can also be for students as young as their first year of elementary school.
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10 online tools for every college student

College is no joke. From struggling with writer’s block to forking out hundreds of dollars for textbooks, you face many challenges before earning that degree. Here are 10 online tools to check out, bookmark, and use to make college a little easier.
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home phone

6 benefits of keeping your landline

Is the landline you’ve had since 2004 still necessary? Although it seems like your web-surfing, picture-taking, Amazon-shopping smart phone does it all, there are benefits to keeping your landline. Here are six great reasons why you shouldn’t be so quick to cut the cord.
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Ultimate 2021 summer reading guide compiled by TDS associates

We have officially transitioned from cuddling-under-a-blanket-by-a-fire weather to sipping-iced-tea-on-the-porch weather, and with that comes a new round of books to read. Whether you're still on book one or rapidly checking off titles, take a look at these books recommended by TDS associates.
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