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FTC: Hang up on auto warranty calls

Have you gotten a recorded phone message from “Susie” with the “Vehicle Service Department” calling about your vehicle warranty? That’s, like, so retro. But fanny packs, scrunchies, and tie dye are back—and so are vehicle warranty robocalls. The FTC offers advice for dealing with these annoying calls.
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10 museums to check out in TDS communities

Today is International Museum Day, a day aimed to raise awareness about museums as an important avenue to learn more… more...
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Romance Scams_squareish

FTC: Watch out for romance scams

It’s never too late to find love, and lots of dating sites and apps are there to help. But scammers are out to steal your heart, too…and then steal your money. This Older Americans Month, let’s talk about romance scams. These can happen when someone makes a fake profile on dating sites, apps and social media.
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pexels-giftpunditscom-Mother's Day_SM

Mother’s Day 2021: 15 gifts to make mom’s day

Mother’s Day is May 9 and we're bringing you some unique and fun gift ideas to show mom you care. Here are 15 perfect presents to make sure your mom feels like she’s number one.
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2021 NFL Draft: Preview, viewing information

The NFL draft is about to begin! Find out how to catch all the action and read more about the top five quarterback prospects.
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Earth day_simon_miagaj pexels

9 Ways to save money and the Earth on Earth Day

You don’t have to go to incredible lengths to make a difference on Earth Day. Take a look at this quick and easy-to-implement list of nine things you can do TODAY to help make the Earth a greener, healthier place.
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Oscar predictions 2021

2020 was, as they say, a weird year. Strange, haunting, and overall, not one that will be remembered as a great year—and we’re not talking about the pandemic. Box office returns may have been down, but movie streaming was never hotter. Get the scoop, see who our filmmakers predict will win, and download your own ballot to play!
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Masters 2021: A tournament unlike any other

Tournament week begins on Monday, April 5 with a practice round in each of the first three days at the beautiful golf course in Augusta, Georgia. The legendary tournament, with its loaded pool of talent, will officially begin on Thursday, April 8. Get the scoop on the traditions and how to watch the Masters.
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FTC says scams will follow new COVID-19 rescue plan

The pandemic is still taking a toll on every kind of well-being we have. The new American Rescue Plan, just signed into law, gets the ball rolling to help out on many people’s financial well-being. Learn what scams you need to be on the lookout for.
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march madness

March Madness is back!

Hoops fans, rejoice! The greatest month-long spectacle in sports—March Madness—is returning soon. Find out which teams to keep your eye on and where to watch all the big games.
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