Mills Bros

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: The Mills Brothers

With Thanksgiving firmly in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for seemingly everyone’s favorite time of year—Christmas music season! The Mills brothers made more than 2K recordings in their time, and this holiday album is a classic.
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TDS Cares logo

TDS Telecom holding Week of Giving

We wanted to share the good news! We're increasing our philanthropic activities this holiday season through a new Week of Giving campaign. Read about just some of all the great things we have going on all across the U.S.
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The Tokens

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: The Tokens

You have heard the song probably dozens of times. It’s that bizarre song you’ve heard in the background, on a tv show, or movie—but does the album it came from offer more than wimoweh’s? The answer is a little complicated, but the album makes for a whimsical listen.
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Where to watch the US Men’s Soccer at FIFA World Cup Qatar?

The United States’ Men’s National Team returns to the FIFA World Cup on Monday, Nov. 21 when they play Wales at 2 p.m., ET. Get the scoop on how and where to watch!
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California customers invited to virtual public hearings on quality of services

The California Public Utilities Commission is holding virtual public hearings at 6 p.m. Dec. 6 and 1 p.m. Dec. 8… more...
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Smart TV_crop

How can I watch my show?

The good thing about today’s TV and streaming services is that there are many ways to watch shows and movies—but that can also lead to some confusion. Never fear—we’re here to clear things up!
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Catch the HBO & Cinemax free preview November 22-29!

Great news for TDS TV and TDS TV+ customers, HBO and Cinemax are teaming up again for a free preview, Nov. 22-29, 2022. Here are the newest and most exciting HBO and Cinemax original series you can enjoy during this free preview.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Robert Randolph has covered some of the most legendary guitar tracks of all time, his work is idolized by many aspiring musicians, and even Eric Clapton loves his stuff. For that reason alone, you should give Unclassified a try today.
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Now’s the time to switch to TDS TV+

If you haven’t made the switch to TDS TV®+, you’re missing out on a fantastic, feature-rich, TV experience—take it from someone who recently upgraded. They tell you seven features they love about their new service that sets TDS TV+ apart from the rest.
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Practice gratitude this Thanksgiving with these heartwarming movies and episodes

Thanksgiving and all its festivities are around the corner. Here are some of the best movies and television episodes that take place on Thanksgiving that you can watch with friends and family.
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