Goo Goo Dolls_Dizzy Up The Girl

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Goo Goo Dolls

After putting out five albums, their sixth really hit a high note. One of the singles stayed at #1 on the Hot 100 airplay charts for a record 18 weeks! Whether you loved them then or have never given them a listen, you should give Dizzy Up The Girl a try and slide right into your Tuesday.
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Used car scams

Put the brakes on car scams

You can buy practically anything online (seriously, what CAN’T you buy online?), but when purchasing a big-ticket item like a used car, you need to be extra careful. The FTC is reporting that scammers are taking customers for a ride by “selling” vehicles they don’t have or don’t own.
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TDS Fiber questions and answers

We’ve holding TDS question and answer sessions. We're sitting down with residents and explaining the TDS Fiber building process and also taking questions—and in many cases, people are wondering the same things. Here are the answers to those common questions.
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government scams

Government impostor scams are on the rise

Odds are good you’ve gotten the calls that seem to be from the Social Security Administration—or the IRS, or Medicare, or any number of other official agencies. Except, as soon as the caller threatens you or demands that you pay them with a gift card or by wiring money, you should know it’s a scam.Last year, in fact, the FTC warned us all about the rise in government scams. Now they have new data—and a new way to see the data—to prove it.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Lil Nas X

If you’ve somehow been sheltered away from all pop culture the last few months, maybe you missed Lil Nas X's crazy blend of rap and country. His first hit started with social media and became embroiled in controversy—which only pushed him to further success and visibility. His follow-up release of an extended play album is an interesting blend of hip hop, country and a little punk rock. For less than $4, it's worth a listen.
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Shazam! New movies hit TDS TV On Demand

It’s hot outside, so cool your heels on your couch by pulling up a great movie. TDS TV On Demand has a wide range of options from comedy and horror, to super hero and family flicks. Check out what you (and your kids) should watch.
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TDS 50 for 50

Two more 50th anniversary charitable donations

June marks the halfway point in the TDS 50 for 50 Golden Year of Giving initiative. The funds are being given to charities nominated and chosen by employees from all of the companies. In May we told about about three of the TDS-selected charities that were awarded funds, and we're pleased to share that two more have been added to list of winners!
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4th of July

Some small towns celebrate the 4th in big ways

In some cases entire towns commemorate the country’s independence—and some really do it up in style. Five of TDS’ communities were named as top small town places for celebrating July 4th in big ways. Check out what gives these cities an extra spark:
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Deadmau5

Good music can come in all forms. Sometimes it challenges the way we think about what we like and what we actively listen to. Today’s featured artist isn’t exactly at the top of the charts, but has the respect of virtually anyone in the industry.
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TDS fiber_tree

5 reasons to register early for TDS Fiber

The expression “there’s no time like the present” definitely applies to registering for TDS Fiber. Yes, even if service isn’t launching in your neighborhood for a while, there are lots of really great reasons to register now—five of them, to be exact. Find out what you’ll get for being the early bird.
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