FTC alert: social security numbers can’t be suspended

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)is warning of a new variation on government imposter scam—this time claiming your Social Security Number has been suspended. A caller claims to be protecting you from a scam, all the while actually trying to lure you into one.
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Rolling Stones_Some Girls

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Rolling Stones

The exact goal of this album was to get the band back on the charts and make headway in the mainstream music space. The process worked, as it would go on to be nominated for a Grammy in the Album of the Year category, and it’s their highest-selling record of all time, with nearly 15 million to date. Today, it can be yours for a song.
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adorable puppy_sm

Puppies now used in the relentless world of scams

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reminds us that it can be a dog-eat-dog world in cyber space. The BBB reports that 80 percent of pet advertisements have the potential of being fraud—which means you’re more likely to be scammed than successful in your dog search! Find out what to look for and how to protect yourself.
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School lunches_sm

Back-to-school lunch ideas

School is officially back in session, which means it’s time to start packing lunchboxes again. The reliable peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwich might do the trick for the first few weeks of school, but we've got ideas, with a little help from Food Network, to break the monotony.
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Pop quiz: How much Video on Demand does TDS TV offer?

LOADS! There's regular channels, premium channels, Stingray channels—plus movies. Combined you have the on demand content of more than 2,097 channels! Learn more about what you can watch on TDS TV.
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Wish you were here

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s music is legendary simply because there is and was nothing else like it. They are on the permanent Mount Rushmore of music icons. Their Dark Side Of The Moon follow-up album was another hit, and in fact it's considered one of the best albums of all time.
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Summer blockbusters arrive on TDS TV on Demand

You want blockbusters and highly rated movies? You'll find them on TDS TV on Demand. This month start with the scary Hereditary, then fall for the love story/drama Adrift, and enjoy fun blockbusters like Ocean’s 8, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and the latest Star Wars prequel—plus some lesser-known gems to discover!
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Fiber IS better, and here’s a video explaining why

You hear a lot about how great fiber-optic technology is, but you might not understand why. Let’s put it this way: fiber means you’ll experience more. More speed, more bandwidth, and more reliability—but why don’t we just show you? In less than 3 minutes, you’ll understand why fiber is, quite simply, the best technology you can get.
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Watch award-winning shows and movies for just $10.99/mo.

Do you wish you could watch award-winning series, movies, sports, documentaries, and comedies anytime, anywhere? Well now you can, thanks to SHOWTIME!
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Third Eye Blind

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind's self-titled effort was released in April of 1997. The lead single “Semi-Charmed Life” was released immediately and rose to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. They were all over MTV, national radio and even TV gigs like Saturday Night Live—and they still get radio play today. Learn more about this group and score the album for a steal.
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