BlackHistoryMonth (002)

Black History Month 2020: African Americans and the Vote

Knowing our past helps open the door for the future—one of the many reasons it’s important to celebrate Black History Month. Learn more about this year's theme and find out how can explore this year's theme on the History Channel and OWN.
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online dating scam feature

FTC: True love doesn’t ask for money

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Lots of us have profiles on online dating sites, apps or social media to find “the one.” But that interesting person who just messaged you could be a sweet-talking romance scammer trying to trick you into sending money.
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Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday: Best Madison, Wis. Staycations

It’s Travel Tuesday. It’s The Perfect Time To Plan a Madison, Wisconsin Staycation (or vacation, as the case may be). This city between two lakes has been TDS' home base since 1969 and it has lots to offer.
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Traveling Wilburys_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Traveling Wilburys

What makes this album so incredibly unique is that every member of the band had the ability to perform lead vocal. So, track to track, you get a different feel. The record comes across as one where the guys would all show up a noon, sip a cup of coffee, tell a few jokes, and then start riffing and making some music. And, that’s exactly what happened, by all accounts.
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Oscars image_Disney

2020 Oscar predictions!

TDS employees and award-winning filmmakers in their own right, Patrick Brazier and Kris Schulz, talk about their favorites for each category. Do you agree? Feel free to chime in and share who you think will be the winners.
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FTC: Watch out for tax identity theft

‘Tis the season when the tidings come in envelopes stamped “Important Tax Return Document Enclosed.” Yes, it’s tax filing season, and the season’s Grinches are the tax identity thieves and government imposters who are hoping to steal your money. Find out what you need to watch out for and how to steer clear of these scams.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Shakira

This album catapulted Shakira's career into the stratosphere and made her a star. Give her Laundry Service a shot today—if she’s good enough for the biggest football game of the year, you’ll probably find she’s good enough for your headphones whenever, wherever.
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Oscar nominees arrive on TDS TV On Demand

With six films and a total of 13 Academy Award nominations, there’s a lot to love on TDS TV On Demand in February. We’re honestly not sure it’s possible for you to make a wrong choice! Maybe it’s best not to choose and simply watch all of these great movies:
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The American Club

Wisconsin’s Best Wellness Destination

Revitalize. Rejuvenate. Rest and relaxation. Today we’re spotlighting a Wisconsin wellness destination that is focused on igniting the soul with yoga, spa, meditation and healthy eating. Award-winning travel writer Chris Parr shares his top picks!
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Facebook logo

Off-Facebook Activity: see how much Facebook knows about you

The still-popular social network just rolled out a new privacy tool for users called “Off-Facebook Activity.”  The boring name undersells what it does—it gives insight into all the ways Facebook is stalking you even when you’re elsewhere on the internet. Find out how to find this new control feature and what you can do.
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