Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Limp Bizkit

Genres can be so restrictive. Why do most bands feel the need to conform to just one? Thanks to the… more...
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Five athleisure brands to check out in 2021

Athleisure has become a staple in our everyday lives for those of us living the work-at-home life. If your wardrobe needs a refresh in the comfy clothes department, then look no further than the five brands you should check out in 2021.
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Traffic_Mr Fantasy

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Traffic

There are so many influential bands by today’s standards that it’s easy to lose track of some over time. Many have been almost forgotten by modern generations, simply because their music doesn’t see much play. This Hall of Fame act is one you know, but likely couldn't name a single track—or couldn't, until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out.
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The Gufs

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Gufs

No matter where you’re from, odds are you have a thriving local music scene (or had, at least, pre-pandemic). Today’s featured band is from my hometown—Milwaukee, Wisconsin and there’s always something fun about seeing local kids make it big. And the fact their music is good is simply icing on the cake.
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home inventory small

How (and why) to do a home inventory

Spending so much time at home has inspired many of us to binge shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo… more...
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Avicii

The new year brings more opportunity to listen to new music, revisit some old stuff, and jam out to your favorites. Today’s featured act, Avicii, probably fits all three categories for our musically diverse readers.
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4 800px-USA_Tennessee_location_map

Nashville bombing impacts for TDS customers in Tennessee

TDS phone services and 9-1-1 availability has been impacted by the bombing in Nashville. Get updates about service restoration efforts for those impacted in Tennessee.
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shutterstock_family movie_+sm

Great family movies

We scoured the interwebs for ideas and also asked TDS employees to share their thoughts. The result is this one-stop-shop list of great movies you can enjoy with your family (or by yourself!). Which ones do you love? And which ones have you forgotten about or haven’t given a try?
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A Twisted Christmas

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: A Twisted Christmas

There's a Christmas album that's a little outside of the box and unusual, but in a good way. A Twisted Christmas is an album of absolute classic Christmas songs played in a heavy metal style—with a few lyrical changes along the way. Critics seemed skeptical at first but were stunned by how much they loved the harder interpretations of the traditional carols. Give this fun one a try today!
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showtime dec

Half off SHOWTIME offer ends Dec. 31

Time is running out on this great sale! New customers to SHOWTIME® can purchase the premium channel for 50% off its regular rate of $10.99 a month for six months and the sale ends on December 31. Find out what you've been missing and why you should grab this offer before it's too late.
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