travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday: Best Winter Getaways

For Travel Tuesday, Pursuitist’s award-winning travel editor Christopher Parr visited Live at 4 CBS and shared the best winter getways.… more...
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Michael Buble_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Michael Bublé

Some musicians are simply known for their vocal, so no matter what they’re singing about, you recognize the work. When it comes to Christmas music, while each artist has their own interpretation of the classics, they all tend to blend together. But given today’s featured artist’s voice, you’ll know from the first ‘up on the housetop’ who it is.
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The gift of great movies on TDS TV On Demand

The gifts of TDS TV on Demand keep giving all month long with eagerly awaited movies arriving straight to your living room. From period flicks and heartwarming family films, to star-filled mega hits and horror sequels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Cozy up and get watching!
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Rose Bowl Travel Tips

Rose Bowl Travel Tips & Recommendations

Pursuitist’s award-winning travel editor Christopher Parr was featured on News 3 Now CBS in Madison, Wisconsin, sharing Rose Bowl travel… more...
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Green holiday giving

How to make the holidays Greener and brighter

As you celebrate the holidays, you have an opportunity to give to those you love and help the planet. A group of TDS employees dedicated to helping create a Greener world has gathered oodles of fantastic ideas to make it easy. From stocking stuffers and gift ideas, to gift wrapping and bows, get the eco-friendly holiday hookup with this creative 16-item list.
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Josh Groban_Noel_250x250

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Josh Groban

He’s a regular on the talk show circuit, has made appearances on various iconic shows like The Office, and has even performed at the Super Bowl. Groban is approaching 50 million albums sold around the world in less than 20 years, which is no small feat—and this album is the sixth highest-selling Christmas album of all time.
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USB_Charging_Station_Ashoka Jegroo

Travel alert: don’t fall prey to “juice jacking”

Think twice before plugging your phone or device into the USB charging stations in public places. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is warning travelers that criminals may set up USB charging stations to infect devices with malware. When you plug in (even using your own cables) these stations download malware that could lock your device or export data and passwords directly to the scammer.
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300 x 300 Shania Twain

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Shania Twain

Shania has taken on a permanent residence in Las Vegas, with her first show opening next month and expecting to run at least two years. She put out an album as recently as 2017, potentially with more on the way. Come on over and treat yourself to a country icon today, you’re still the one that can go back and listen to some classics—and hey, she might even impress you much. Happy Tuesday!
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4 800px-USA_Tennessee_location_map

Straight-line winds impact TDS services in parts of Tennessee

Following the straight-line winds that came through West Tennessee over the weekend, TDS Telecom customers in parts of Parsons, Decaturville, and Scotts Hill were impacted but now services have been fully restored. Read the latest, and final, update.
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Go Big—Shop Small

Whether you’ve spent hours in line on Thanksgiving night, or you avoid holiday shopping like the plague, you’ve certainly heard of Black Friday—but don't forget about Small Business Saturday! We have 5 ideas for businesses so they can leverage this growing annual event and 5 reasons why shopping small is so important.
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