Call before you dig!

Spring is here and it’s time to think about outside projects like planting trees, shrubs, flowers or installing a fence or deck. Before you put shovel to the ground, think about what might be underneath. Learn why and how to prevent damage.
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Jason Aldean_My Kinda Party

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Jason Aldean

Aldean was rewarded with a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album for this effort and, after five commercial single releases, the album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and sold 200,000 copies the first week. Give Aldean a try today, he just might be your kinda party too!
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family TV

New channels now on TDS TV and TDS TV+

Great news, TDS TV and TDS TV+ customers—we’ve added channels in many local lineups! Read on to find out where and what you’ll find in your guide.
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fiber drop 2 sm2

When will you bury the TDS Fiber cable in my yard?

No matter where we’re building a fiber network, certain questions get asked more often than others. On the top of the list, particularly in the winter and spring, is: when will you bury the TDS Fiber cable in my yard? The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem. Get the lowdown.
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Demi Lovato_tell me

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Demi Lovato

Today’s featured act is most likely well known for her music—but some may know her from acting on television or the two books she wrote. No matter the medium, it’s safe to say she’s not sorry for staking her claim in the zeitgeist.
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Winterhaven, California restoration updates

This blog is meant to keep customers in Winterhaven up to speed on the status of service outages, which resulted… more...
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Masters 2021: A tournament unlike any other

Tournament week begins on Monday, April 5 with a practice round in each of the first three days at the beautiful golf course in Augusta, Georgia. The legendary tournament, with its loaded pool of talent, will officially begin on Thursday, April 8. Get the scoop on the traditions and how to watch the Masters.
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Def Leppard Hysteria_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Def Leppard

Today’s featured group has sold old well over one hundred million albums (you read that right) and counting. Called "the greatest hair band record ever made", if you’ve listened to music at all the last four decades, you know just about every song here—and every word to go along with it. Sing along today.
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Phishing alert!

We’re getting increased reports of phishing emails to customers claiming to be from TDS but are actually from @cableone email addresses in many cases. These phishing attempts, which urge you to click on web links and/or open a Google form, are NOT from TDS. See a screenshot and learn what you should (and shouldn't) do.
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vaccination card sm

Vaccination card scams

You may be excited about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, but you need to be thoughtful about how you share the news. Experts are chiming in to warn you to NOT post a photo of/with your vaccination card. Why? You could be inviting identity theft. Learn how it might happen.
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