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Free RedZone preview!

You'll never miss a touchdown! TDS and the NFL RedZone are offering a free preview on Sunday, Sept. 25 and Sunday, Nov. 6.
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9-8-8 National Suicide Prevention Hotline goes into effect July 16

A new three-digit number—988—that will connect people to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will be in effect starting July… more...
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Benjamin Franklin2

Ken Burns’ documentary on Benjamin Franklin premieres April 4-5

Ken Burns—who has done highly regarded films about Muhammad Ali, Hemmingway, Jackie Robinson, and many more—is back with a four-hour documentary on Benjamin Franklin. Get the scoop and be ready to watch or set your DVR.
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7 things you shouldn’t miss during the March 10-14 HBO and Cinemax Free Preview

On TDS TV and TDS TV+ you get seven different HBO channels plus eight Cinemax options all day, every day so there’s always something great on whenever you grab your remote. Here are seven things you should watch during the preview.
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Your last chance to win Big Game trivia

TDS has some swag for The Big Game and we want to give you the opportunity to win. Check out… more...
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Running Back Football

Big Game trivia: answer for an opportunity to win!

TDS has some swag for The Big Game and we want to give you the opportunity to win. Check out… more...
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TDS and Circle City reach an impasse in Indianapolis DMA

TDS® has reached an impasse in our contract negotiations with Circle City Broadcasting. On Friday, Dec. 31, 2021, at 6… more...
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TDS has not detected issues with Apache Log4j

The security and operations teams at TDS are focused on mitigating risks associated with the new Log4j threat. At this time, we have not detected any successful exploit attempts in our systems or services. Read more...
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HBO and Cinemax Free Preview, Dec. 24-31

HBO and Cinemax are releasing a plethora of exclusive and high-quality content this holiday season. TDS and HBO and Cinemax are teaming up to provide another free preview for TDS TV customers from Dec. 24 to Dec. 31. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.
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We’re offering a new benefit for veterans

With Veterans Day approaching, we're announcing a new benefit for veterans who work for us—we're associates who have served our country in the military an extra day off every year, beginning this year. Learn more and find out where to apply for open positions.
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