So you’re a new TDS customer who recently signed up to access lightning-fast internet speeds, sophisticated TV products, and a range of phone services. We’re glad you’re here!

Switching providers at times may seem like an arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of five things a new TDS customer should know to make their introductory experience as smooth as possible.

1). Register for TDS Online MyAccount

Enrolling in a TDS online account is the easiest way to ensure a seamless onboarding process. Registering for an online account allows you to check your account balance, pay bills online, view your services, and much more.

New residential customers can register for an account using either their email address, phone number,. To register for your account, go to and click the sign-up button. Follow the instructions and register your email to get easy access to all the MyAccount features!

2). Billing Cycles

As a new customer, you will automatically be sent paper bills to your address on file when you join. It’s important to note that your first bill may not arrive for at least a month and will be higher than a regular month’s invoice. Don’t be alarmed – that’s only because the bill will account for more than a month of service.

For those wanting to move to paperless billing, enroll in TDS ePay to streamline your billing process. Log on to your MyAccount and click View and Pay Bill button from the home page. Here you can pay bills, set up notifications to an email address of your choosing, and schedule payments.

3). TDS Internet Security Suite

Believe it or not, TDS has more to offer than just fast-fiber internet. New customers can utilize the TDS Internet Security Suite to feel more peace of mind while they are browsing and offer their family complete protection from online threats.

For only $4.95 a month, you can have access to antivirus protections, a privacy VPN, parental controls, and much more. The TDS Internet Security Suite is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows- and Mac-supported devices and is conveniently available all in one app. If you still aren’t convinced, try it free for 30-days to see if how it fits with your online lifestyle.

4) Internet Service Enhancement Support Site

For new customers, it’s important to know how to get the best performance out of your internet equipment. Knowing where to place your internet router, how to monitor devices on the network, and what internet speed is necessary to fit your internet lifestyle are all important pieces of information for new and existing customers.

Lucky for you, TDS has a wealth of information and resources that new customers can utilize to get the best out of their internet service. On the Internet Service Enhancement Support Site, new users can run speed tests, read about the best places to place their internet router, better understand their internet equipment, and much more. Utilize the Internet Service Enhancement Support Site to become a more informed and tech-savvy customer!

5). Welcome Page and Other FAQs

Of course, it’s hard to cover each potential question a new customer might have in one blog post. If your question wasn’t answered here, don’t worry – the TDS Welcome Page is there for you. This page answers common questions about TDS’ internet, TV, and phone service, as well as questions regarding account setup.

If you can’t find the answer to your question at the TDS Welcome Page, once again, don’t worry! You can contact our support team by phone at 1-855-244-0122 or through one of our various online chat options with just the click of a button. To report an outage or internet problem, you can also utilize our 24/7 Repair/Tech Support Line at 1-888-225-5837.

Written by Will Chamblee, TDS Communications Intern

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