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Run DMC Raising Hell_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Run DMC

These guys were lyricists, pure and simple. Sure, they had great beats and drops too, but the rhymes were the focus. And groups like Run-D.M.C. often had a message behind their raps. They moved the genre away entirely from the funk and more disco-oriented feel it had before, and it changed the game forever.
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TDS Celebrates Father’s Day with “Best of” Dad Jokes

We're proud to offer its associates opportunities to develop smaller communities within the larger company. It is one of the reasons we have been recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Wisconsin State Journal for the past two years. In honor of Father’s Day June 20, we wanted to share the finest fatherly humor from its associate forum known as Dad Jokes.
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sun flower

Backyard Essentials for Summer 2021

Now that June is here, we have officially reached outdoor get-together season, barbeque season, campfire season, pool party season—you name it! We have 14 items you’ll need to turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot—no matter who you're having over.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Poppy

There are ways to get famous as a musician that exist today that simply didn’t even as recently as ten years ago. Poppy found her way via YouTube and social media festivals and is now a make-up tutorial host, actress and part-time WWE guest star in addition to the music and the videos. If you love pop and music, her combo on this album might just be for you.
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George Thorogood_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: George Thorogood

Some call listening to George Thorogood a guilty pleasure, but what's there to feel bad about? George and The Destroyers know how to jam and put on fantastic live shows—and this, their second album is worth a listen.
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Getting ready for hurricane season 2021

June 1st is the start of hurricane season. For people in hurricane-prone areas, that means the risk of heavy rainfall, high winds, storm surges, flooding, tornados, and rip currents, which can all happen with little warning. Are you ready to leave your house at a moment’s notice? The FTC has tools to help you prepare.
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10 Tech Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Looking for tech gifts for dad this Father’s Day? I have you covered. From the creative dad all the way to the sport’s lover, here’s a list of 10 tech must-haves for a wide range of budgets and interests (and all are much more exciting than tie!).
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Food Fighters_Colour And The Shape_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Foo Fighters, The Colour and the Shape

Isn’t it always fun to rediscover an album from time to time? One that maybe you wore out 20 years ago and then forgot about for a solid decade? Although today’s band has been featured here on CTT before, their second album hasn’t—and it’s a good one worth revisiting!
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Rooted School

TDS supports teachers through a unique sponsorship

Sure, there’s Teacher Appreciation Week, but thanks to a very special sponsorship, TDS has been supporting teachers all year long. Because of TDS’ support, 708 teachers in six Dane County, Wisconsin school districts could attend a wellness program called The Rooted School. Learn more about this special sponsorship that's helped helped educators manage stress, build resilience, and improve their overall wellbeing.
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Sarah McLachlan_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Sarah McLachlan

One of the most iconic songs around comes from today's artist—who is also known for her philanthropic work ... in addition to founding a little small concert you may have heard of called Lilith Fair. Her voice is amazing and this album is well worth an hour of your time to listen.
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