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Make your donations count when weather disasters strike

As Maui, Hawaii reels from devastating wildfires, the Federal Trade Commission offers tips to make sure your donation goes to people in need.
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National Video Game Day resized

July 8 is National Video Game Day

TDS ranks near the top in gaming ISP From Atari and Pong, which were released over 50 years ago, to… more...
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TDS techs come to the rescue

A group of St. Marys, Georgia, field service technicians became unexpected heroes on their way back from lunch a few Tuesdays ago. Find out what happened and who they helped.
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Winter book recommendations from TDS associates

For many, winter is a great season to settle in and pick up a new book. From romance to Sci-Fi, to historical fiction, here’s what your fellow TDS associates recommend reading this time of year!
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Janesville, Wisconsin resident named TDS Volunteer of the Quarter

We have named Janesville, Wisconsin resident Tammy Brown, lead data analyst of Advanced Analytics, its Volunteer of the Quarter. Brown has been an active volunteer for the past 15 years for the American Cancer Society (ACS) and its Relay For Life events. She and her husband Tim led Relay For Life in Janesville, Wisconsin for eight years, which helped raise more than $500,000.
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Squirrel appreciation day

Let’s get nuts: Celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day

The 22-year-old national holiday encourages you to appreciate the adorable rodents and all their quirks Awh nuts! Did you forget… more...
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Don’t answer another online quiz question until you read this

Before you take a quiz to find out which Marvel character you are, ask yourself: Do I know who’s gathering this information about me — or what they plan to do with it? Read more about why you should take extra care before answering that online quiz.
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White Collage Flower Shop Instagram Post

The Best of CES 2023

Looking back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, what’s left is a host of new technological innovations. While this year’s exhibitors ranged from big names like LG to small startups, their gadgets could become the next must-have big-ticket item ... or never make it past the prototype stage. Let’s look at six tech devices generating the most buzz:
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A year of TDS giving

In November, we told you about our Week of Giving when we donated $35,000 in one week to more than 100 nonprofit organizations across the country—but that was only a small part of our philanthropic story for 2022.
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Living out a dream: Decorating a float for the Rose Parade

One TDS associate is having a dream come true: She's headed to Pasadena to help decorate a float for the Rose Parade. Read more about her adventure.
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