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Refer a friend, get up to $450 a year!

If you haven’t heard about our referral program, you’re missing out on free money. You could be getting up to $75 worth of credits on your next bill and up to $450 a year. Get the scoop and start saving!
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Canned Heat_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Canned Heat

These guys may not have the notoriety of some of the larger bands of the era, but if you ask many that lived through the hippie era, Canned Heat helped define it. “Going Up The Country” was more than a song, it was an anthem for millions of people looking to make a statement with their way of life. That’s pretty neat.
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Supplies for virtual back to school

This year, many schools are starting the year virtually in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That change may have big implications for your back-to-school shopping. We reached out to parents just like you to find out what supplies worked for them in the spring or what they’re gathering to help make virtual school successful this fall.
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B-52s Cosmic Thing_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: B-52’s

Cosmic Thing became a huge hit, eventually selling nearly 10 million copies worldwide and spawning six singles, two of them being on rotation even today across radio stations globally. While this might not be music you listen to everyday, it’s one that gets your spirits up on a tough day. Give Cosmic Thing a shot today—and bring your juke box money!
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tds logo square email Log In has changed

If you visit to log in to your TDS® email, you’ve probably noticed the top of the page has been redesigned! It’s now sleeker and less cluttered. Learn more about how to log in to reach your email and your account.
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The Prodigy_Fat of the land_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Prodigy

The list of accolades for this album are too many to list. Q magazine has it as the ninth best album of all time, probably the highest praise—but it’s on every best-of list for the year and the decade. The melodies, the arrangements, less less sampling—they took took the hard beats, crazy synth use and hard breaks—but adapted it for radio. It was all the stuff hardcore ravers wanted; in a package the label could sell to mainstream radio.
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Slaying energy vampires

Energy vampires are appliances or tech that continue to draw electrical power, even when they’re not being used. These power-sucking devices can be a hidden cause of higher energy bills. Even if it’s just a little power at a time, it adds up to big numbers—like up to a quarter of your electrical bill. Find out what you can do to save your wallet and the planet.
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Chris Isaak_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Chris Isaak

His first two albums didn't hit it big but the third try was the charm. An Atlanta radio station music director started playing all the Isaak tracks because they were featured in a David Lynch film. The album became a smash hit putting Heart Shaped World and Chris Isaak on the map.
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online gaming

How to turn on parental controls for your kids’ favorite online services

Updated for 2020! Most parents don’t want their small kids accidentally wandering into the deep end of the internet without supervision. Parental controls can help keep your kids within the online content areas you’re comfortable with. We’ve rounded up quick links and, in some cases directions, to the parental controls for all of the major streaming services and the most-popular gaming platforms.
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Cheap Trick_Heaven Tonight

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Cheap Trick

With two lackluster albums released, Cheap Trick headed to Japan in April of 1978 for a few shows. The welcome they received was a frenzy similar to The Beatles. During the tour, they pressed live recordings of two shows at the Nippon Budokan and then released Heaven Tonight to capitalize on their exploding popularity in Japan and in the U.S.
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