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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Everclear

Today’s featured artist is considered a “nostalgia” act by many, but who says that needs to be negative? Afterglow provided Everclear with their first and only Grammy Award nomination, and it has sold nearly 5 million copies to date, making it their best-selling of all time. It may not be everything to everyone, but today it can be yours for only $3.
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Roy Orbison_Mystery Girl_275x275

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Roy Orbison

There are simply some people in music history that are simply iconic. Maybe they didn’t sell the most albums, or have the most No. 1 singles of all-time, but you can sing along to their greatest hits and name their popular songs. Today’s featured artist is undoubtedly a household name, and has a handful of tunes we all proudly belt out in the car.
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Godsmack bandpic

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Godsmack

Metal music can be polarizing, but if you're a metal nut, this album should be right up your alley. Godsmack's first release, their sound was unique for the time and the vocals are so strong, it's hard to believe the lead singer was only a drummer for 20 years. The controversy over this album's lyrical content only brought the group greater exposure and helped launch them to success.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo just celebrated her 50th birthday and she has new hit movie, and announced that she'll be playing the Super Bowl half-time show—but did you know her way back when? Give her sophomore album a listen today and take a moment to celebrate one of the most prominent Latina artists today during National Hispanic Heritage Month.
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The Cars_heartbeat city_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Cars – Heartbeat City

Sadly, last week the music world lost another great when lead singer Ric Ocasek passed away. Pay tribute by listening to The Cars' fifth album—one that hit nearly as huge as their first. The album spawned six Top 40 singles, with three of them reaching the top 10! You might think you don't need to spend the time to say hello to The Cars again, but trust us—it'll be magic when you do.
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Eddie Money_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Eddie Money

In addition to this hit album, Eddie opened for Santana, and was the bridge singer in Kenny Loggins’ infamous “I’m Alright”, something his career is actually not credited for. It's easy to understand his appeal if you just give him a listen—his husky voice matched his working-class rocker vibe. Check it out today in memory of a music great!
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My Everything_Ariana_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Ariana Grande

Grande's second album sold nearly 200k copies in the first week and officially debuted at number one (just like her first effort). To date, it has sold over five million copies worldwide and remained atop the iTunes Store chart for nine weeks, making it the best-selling album for Apple in 2014. The effort would also earn Grande a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Give it a listen!
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Fitz and the Tantrums_Pickin' up the pieces

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums listens like an amazingly upbeat album that would be simply a blast to see performed live. This record gets your toes tapping and has you singing along in the car or later in your head. It’s that contagious ear worm quality that takes a really solid effort and puts it over the top and will keep you coming back. Take a listen (and score it on the cheap!).
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couple remote

Motivational back-to-school movies for students

A family movie night might be just the ticket to get your child excited and motivated for the 2019-20 school year (whether school has started where you live or the first day has yet to come). Movies can provide many opportunities to talk about the upcoming school year, especially when talking about any anxieties your child may have about going back to school.
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Image: Bon Appetit. Photo by Alex Lau.

Labor Day is this year’s best time to cook—seriously

Maybe it’s time we rethink the idea of grilling meat as the epitome of Labor Day cuisine. Think about it this way: your local farmer’s market is at its best—produce is thriving, and farmers are doling out beautiful fruits and veggies with reckless abandon. Get 4 recipes designed to make the most out of nature's fresh bounty plus one awesome meat recipe too.
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