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Demi Lovato_tell me

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Demi Lovato

Today’s featured act is most likely well known for her music—but some may know her from acting on television or the two books she wrote. No matter the medium, it’s safe to say she’s not sorry for staking her claim in the zeitgeist.
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Def Leppard Hysteria_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Def Leppard

Today’s featured group has sold old well over one hundred million albums (you read that right) and counting. Called "the greatest hair band record ever made", if you’ve listened to music at all the last four decades, you know just about every song here—and every word to go along with it. Sing along today.
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Love in the Future_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: John Legend

If status was only measured in awards, today’s featured act might be the most successful entertainer in history. With Emmys, Academy Awards, Tonys, Golden Globes, and Grammys under his belt, his talent is unquestionable. Today's a great time to give John Legend a listen.
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FTC says scams will follow new COVID-19 rescue plan

The pandemic is still taking a toll on every kind of well-being we have. The new American Rescue Plan, just signed into law, gets the ball rolling to help out on many people’s financial well-being. Learn what scams you need to be on the lookout for.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: INXS

Songs like “New Sensation” are standards on various rock channels to this day, a real tribute to the lasting legacy of this seemingly random ‘80s record. While they may not have ever become the household name upon leaving Australia, their sales and list of accolades speak for themselves.
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Melissa actual pie2

Nine perfect pie ideas for Pi Day

This weekend, on March 14—or 3/14—the world celebrates Pi Day. Pi represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (approximately 3.14159, plus more than a trillion other digits). Pi(e), naturally, is the perfect food to ring in the day. Our employees are filling you in on their favorite recipes.
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Radiohead_The Bends

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Radiohead, The Bends

The Bends has sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide, won various awards in multiple countries and is ranked No. 110 on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums of all time. While some critics were totally unimpressed upon release, it’s now hailed as one of the best ever.
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Ted Nugent

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Ted Nugent

Sometimes when you’re in a funk, you simply need a little rock to get you into a better mood. Today’s featured act is about as rock by definition as possible—and while some people love him and some hate him, if you’re into hard riffs, you’ll enjoy what he has to offer.
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Winter weather emergency tips from the FTC

Winter this year is turning out to have its own set of weather-related emergencies—and right now, all in the midst of a pandemic. Lots of us are really ready for the winter of 2021 to be over. But while we’re waiting, why not prepare (or see if you might already be prepared) for a weather-related emergency?
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Bad Bunny

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has collaborated with Cardi B, J.Lo, Diplo, and Drake. He's also a WWE champ and has sold upwards of 20 million copies of his debut album. Bad Bunny is hot, so take a listen.
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