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dark web

What is the dark web?

You’ve likely heard the term “dark web” in the headlines and news stories, but very few of us really know what it means. It certainly sounds scary and foreboding, but what is this place? Where is it? What can you do there? How do you get there—and should you go? Here are the answers so you can understand:
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Neil Young

Legends are legendary for a reason. In the music business, you don’t have to love an artist for them to… more...
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Father's Day

Films to watch with dad on Father’s Day

One of our blog followers was grateful for the idea to watch a movie with their mom on Mother's Day, so we thought we'd do the same for Father's Day.
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U.S. Flag Do’s and Don’ts

Flag Day is Friday, June 14, so here is a refresher course with the rules and guidelines for displaying the American flag. These guidelines came out of the U.S. Flag Code passed by Congress in 1942.
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Grateful Dead_Workingman's Dead

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Grateful Dead

The most popular and iconic acts are typically those that top the charts over and over (and over) again. Today’s featured band might have had a hit or two, but is better known for being an eclectic, live jam favorite and an inspiration for so many younger artists. 
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Six issues surrounding youth and internet safety

It's Internet Safety Month and, with new data showing kids spend upwards of 8 hours online each day, now's the perfect time to get in the know about key issues that could impact your child. Our infographic highlights six dangers you and your children need to be aware of to stay safe.
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Motorhead_Ace of Spades_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Motorhead

There’s no debating the absolute classic nature of it start to finish, and clearly the title track became their anthem—one that is still frequently heard on rock stations all over the world to this day. Seriously, this album has been described as, "one of the best metal albums by any band, ever.” Today it can be yours for a steal.
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Marc Broussard_Carencro_sm

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Marc Broussard

Even if you haven’t heard of Marc before, give Carencro a listen today. If nothing else, it might open you up to a new genre that just might stick in your brain for a while. It’s never a lonely night in Georgia when you have great music, and Broussard certainly qualifies.
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What is Memorial Day really about?

What is Memorial Day really about? A TDS employee and veteran—with the the help of a few others—answer this question. As it happens, it's not a day that means the same thing to every veteran.
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Look out for rental scams

You head online looking for a new apartment—someplace nice, reasonably priced, and with great amenities. Based on the photos, you find the perfect one and contact the owner—and that's where things start to go wrong. Find out more about this scam the Better Business Bureau is warning about.
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