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Austin works as a cost analyst for TDS Telecom in the Government and Regulatory Affairs team. He has a marketing degree from UW-Whitewater and has worked in various departments including marketing, sales and network services since joining TDS in 2004. He is a huge sports fan – if he’s not at work, odds are you can find him at Miller Park, Lambeau Field, Camp Randall or the Kohl Center watching the game. In his spare time, he’s chairman of a local non-profit, avid music fan, rec sports MVP and an early adopter when it comes to most new technologies.
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James Blunt back to bedlam_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: James Blunt

An album consisting of mostly ballads, Back to Bedlam is a great debut effort. What makes the content rare—beyond his crooning voice and distinctive falsetto—is that James Blunt is a former member of the British military. This album is totally worth a a listen today.
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Traveling Wilburys_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Traveling Wilburys

What makes this album so incredibly unique is that every member of the band had the ability to perform lead vocal. So, track to track, you get a different feel. The record comes across as one where the guys would all show up a noon, sip a cup of coffee, tell a few jokes, and then start riffing and making some music. And, that’s exactly what happened, by all accounts.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Shakira

This album catapulted Shakira's career into the stratosphere and made her a star. Give her Laundry Service a shot today—if she’s good enough for the biggest football game of the year, you’ll probably find she’s good enough for your headphones whenever, wherever.
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No Geography_Chemical Brothers_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Chemical Brothers

After success remixing hundreds of tracks and working directly with artists, The Chemical Brothers dropped their first album in 1995. Fast forward 25 years and millions of albums sold, and No Geography was released in April of 2019—winning two Grammys for their efforts. If know them from years past, this album may surprise you because the duo's sound has evolved quit a bit. It's worth a listen today.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Apocalyptica

No one—including the band—had any idea that orchestral covers of hard rock favorites would be so popular. If you've never given Apocalyptica a listen, you should really take a listen today. When you hear the artistry and originality, you'll be convinced this group is way more than a simple novelty.
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Rush 2112 250x250

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Rush 2112

This week’s Cheap Tunes Tuesday post is dedicated to the memory of Neil Peart. There's no better way to pay tribute to this music legend—arguably one of best drummers of all time (if not THE best)— than listening to Rush's 2112 today.
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Kasey Musgraves_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Kasey Musgraves

Flipping the calendar is a great time to check in on some tunes that aren’t part of your normal routine. Today’s featured artist hit the music scene with a roar in 2014 and she already has a collection of Grammy Awards and a CMA to boot. If you're not familiar with her, now's your chance.
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Phil Spector_Christmas

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Harvey Philip Spector

If you're like this author, you have NO idea that the Christmas songs you always hear are from this album—which is probably why Rolling Stone considers it the #1 holiday album of all time. Give this iconic album a listen today!
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Frank Sinatra

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Frank Sinatra

For people that maybe don’t know, Sinatra was Elvis, Michael Jackson or The Beatles well before those artists picked up a microphone. His classic crooner sound appealed to everyone and shines through in every single Christmas standard. Celebrate his legacy today by picking this one up for only $5.99.
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Michael Buble_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Michael Bublé

Some musicians are simply known for their vocal, so no matter what they’re singing about, you recognize the work. When it comes to Christmas music, while each artist has their own interpretation of the classics, they all tend to blend together. But given today’s featured artist’s voice, you’ll know from the first ‘up on the housetop’ who it is.
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