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Austin works as a cost analyst for TDS Telecom in the Government and Regulatory Affairs team. He has a marketing degree from UW-Whitewater and has worked in various departments including marketing, sales and network services since joining TDS in 2004. He is a huge sports fan – if he’s not at work, odds are you can find him at Miller Park, Lambeau Field, Camp Randall or the Kohl Center watching the game. In his spare time, he’s chairman of a local non-profit, avid music fan, rec sports MVP and an early adopter when it comes to most new technologies.
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Shovels and Rope_Vol2

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Shovels and Rope

The American Music Association has nominated Shovels and Rope for four awards, and they've won two—and yet they're likely an awesome group that's never been on your radar. Pull them up today and give them a listen!
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Sturgill Simpson

If Sturgill Simpson is new to you, this unique and award-winning country album should be on your streaming list. If you're already familiar? Pull it back up and remember why you loved it the first time.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Bob Seger, Night Moves

Night Moves cemented Bob Seger as one of the all-time greats. Whether you’re a little too tall and could use a few pounds or were awoke last night to the sound of thunder, give this a shot today—you’ll love it!
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Norah Jones

Just referencing "Don't Know Why" probably has you singing that song in your head. The album it came from is iconic, selling nearly 40 million copies to date. Let Norah Jones' voice take you away today!
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The Pretenders

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Pretenders

Critically, this might be the best album you’ve never heard anyone talk about. If you're only familiar with a song or two in their catalog, pull up their debut album and give it a listen.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: U2, Achtung Baby

U2's seventh album hit the top five in 11 different countries, had five successful singles, and resulted in at least $25 million in sales to date. For a group that's been called the most-impressive in the world, it wasn't a mysterious result. Take a listen today.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: David Bowie

Bowie's 15th album was produced in just 17 days with standout performances all the way around. And yet, despite it's huge success, critics don't even consider it his best work—but it's a great place to start his catalog.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger

Badmotorfinger blurs the line so hard between alt rock/grunge and metal, and it does so flawlessly. It’s part of the reason why Soundgarden is so great and attracted fans from all walks of life. Take a listen today!
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law is still touring and just dropped a new album, but Elva put them on the map. Fans of that signature 2000’s punk sound will certainly love this one.
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Silversun Pickups_Carnavas

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Silversun Pickups

Silversun Pickups are an interesting listen for just about anyone no matter what music is in your wheelhouse. They're not alt rock, they're not exactly rock, but yet some of the guitar work might remind you of Smashing Pumpkins. It's a solid listen!
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