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Austin works as a cost analyst for TDS Telecom in the Government and Regulatory Affairs team. He has a marketing degree from UW-Whitewater and has worked in various departments including marketing, sales and network services since joining TDS in 2004. He is a huge sports fan – if he’s not at work, odds are you can find him at Miller Park, Lambeau Field, Camp Randall or the Kohl Center watching the game. In his spare time, he’s chairman of a local non-profit, avid music fan, rec sports MVP and an early adopter when it comes to most new technologies.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Deadmau5

Good music can come in all forms. Sometimes it challenges the way we think about what we like and what we actively listen to. Today’s featured artist isn’t exactly at the top of the charts, but has the respect of virtually anyone in the industry.
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Toby Keith_Unleashed_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Toby Keith

If you haven't heard any Toby Keith now's the perfect chance to give him a listen. It’s safe to say this album, Unleashed, created the Toby Keith fans know today. It was Keith’s seventh studio album, his highest-selling to date, and would go on to produce four hit singles including one that spent six weeks at the top of the charts. The album itself would also go on to top the Billboard 200, no small feat for a country record.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Neil Young

Legends are legendary for a reason. In the music business, you don’t have to love an artist for them to… more...
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Grateful Dead_Workingman's Dead

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Grateful Dead

The most popular and iconic acts are typically those that top the charts over and over (and over) again. Today’s featured band might have had a hit or two, but is better known for being an eclectic, live jam favorite and an inspiration for so many younger artists. 
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Motorhead_Ace of Spades_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Motorhead

There’s no debating the absolute classic nature of it start to finish, and clearly the title track became their anthem—one that is still frequently heard on rock stations all over the world to this day. Seriously, this album has been described as, "one of the best metal albums by any band, ever.” Today it can be yours for a steal.
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Marc Broussard_Carencro_sm

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Marc Broussard

Even if you haven’t heard of Marc before, give Carencro a listen today. If nothing else, it might open you up to a new genre that just might stick in your brain for a while. It’s never a lonely night in Georgia when you have great music, and Broussard certainly qualifies.
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Point of Know Return

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Kansas

Toss on this gem from the ‘70s today and jam away. You might think it’s just the same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea—and that may be true, but for $4.99, this isn’t just dust in the wind.
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Chris Stapleton_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Chris Stapleton

Describing Chris Stapelton's music as a modern day Otis Redding mixed with a soulful country feel is probably the oddest, but most apt description one could give. The music has almost a soul feel to it, and you could almost convince someone this is essentially a southern rock/blues type record on top of the underlying country themes. If you've never listened to Traveller or Chris' music, it's definitely one to listen to today.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Candlebox

Today’s featured artist debuted and became a household name—but history has likely incorrectly classified the group as Nirvana wannabe. Two videos from their debut album would end up being on the ‘most requested’ list for MTV in 1993, and one was even featured on the MTV hit Beavis and Butt-Head. Get transported back to '94 by giving it a listen.
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madonna true blue

Cheap Tunes: Madonna

It’s been said this is the album that created “Madonna the Superstar.” She was everywhere—not just on your local radio, but all over television and featured in films. Speaking her name could spark outrage and create debates—but when the day was said and done Madonna also got great reviews and people respected her music. Open your heart to this one today. It almost certainly will cure your Tuesday blues.
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