Looking back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, what’s left is a host of new technological innovations. While this year’s exhibitors ranged from big names like LG to small startups, their gadgets could become the next must-have big-ticket item … or never make it past the prototype stage.

Let’s look at six tech devices generating the most buzz:

eKinekt BD3 Bike Desk – Acer

In a modern age of the remote workforce and hybrid office, the treadmill bike offers a look into the future of working from home. This new desk-bike combo from Acer uses kinetic energy to power your laptop and phone as you ride. The eco-friendly stationary bike is made from post-consumer recycled plastic and comes with features like different exercise modes and a digital app to track your stats.

Razer Edge – Razer

This compact tablet handheld console arrives Jan. 26 for a lofty $400, adding to the latest trend of handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch. However, its design and feel reflects that of an Android tablet that offers a vivid display and impressive specs.

The Premiere – Samsung

Samsung’s ultra-short throw projector can create an image up to 150 inches diagonally across your living room wall using a special lens and video processing. The Premiere is a single box designed to sit on a low table directly below and a few inches away from the wall or screen. It features built-in speakers and Samsung smart TV features like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Wireless 97-inch OLED TV – LG

With TV tech a popular gadget this year, LG has brought wireless televisions into conversation. While it is the biggest OLED TV in the world, the 4k image is displayed through a wireless transmitter box using standard HDMI plus and a Blu-ray player. The system uses similar technology to standard Wi-Fi routers, allowing the box to be located up to 30 feet from the TV and greatly simplifying the look and installation.

Hapta – L’Oréal

The cosmetics company debuted an assistive lipstick applicator, offering great strides to the accessibility of the beauty industry. To create Hapta they worked with utensil maker Verily, a company that produces stabilizing and leveling cutlery for people with limited hand and arm mobility. This device is a grip-and-gimbal system that allows those with limited finger dexterity or strength to apply lipstick more independently.

U-Scan – Withings

This toilet sensor can track important health data simply by reading your urine. The device sits on the front of the toilet and analyzes your urine before sending the results to your phone via Wi-Fi. One cartridge is meant to monitor nutritional and metabolic information by measuring ketone and vitamin C levels while testing your urine’s pH. Another cartridge allows women to better track their menstrual cycles. The use of attach-and-go sensors allows for a more seamless process in prioritizing health.

Check out CNET or the CES homepage for more tech gadgets and innovations.

By Celia Reid, TDS Communications Intern

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