A group of St. Marys, Georgia, field service technicians became unexpected heroes on their way back from lunch a few Tuesdays ago. Those involved had no plans to share their dramatic experience but decided to report it to their manager, Chuck B., just because it was so out of the ordinary. Chuck—rightfully so—was so moved, he shared the story with a few others here at TDS … who shared it with their others, and well, you get the picture. Now it’s your turn to appreciate this great story.

The story started circulating thanks to a simple email:

From: Charles B
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 12:21 PM
To: Hardy T; Lynette M
Subject: A Genuine Act of Caring

I want to let everyone know I work with a fabulous group of teammates who place themselves above other. Please read the attached document and please feel free to share it.

Chuck B.
Field Service Manager
TDS Telecom – St. Marys GA., Quincy, Fl.

Here is that tale, as told by Chuck:

As a field service manager, I always remind my team we are the eyes and ears of the community. I urge my team to help others that are in need and be present of the correct things to do and speak. I always tell my team I believe we have the best group within TDS and would be willing to put them up against any other team within our organization!

Yesterday March 21, 2023, proved me right based on the acts and accounts I received from several FSTs.

Some days as schedules allow several of our employees sometimes have lunch together which I believe is an excellent team building exercise when possible. As Mike L., Joe D., John B., Matt N., Darien W., Matt C., and Trey C. were finishing their lunch break standing outside of a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant they noticed an elderly woman exiting the restaurant. They learned later that her name is Vivian.

Vivian didn’t notice a rise in the asphalt between the sidewalk and parking lot which caused her to trip. Vivian fell hard on her right side and hit her head on the asphalt rendering her motionless for a few moments.

Matt C. and Trey immediately rendered aid to Vivian. Matt returned to his van to retrieve his first-aid kit as Vivian was bleeding from the head and hands. Our other team members kept everyone safe by controlling traffic around the scene.

Being a tough woman, Vivian asked that our Heroes not call 911 but rather call her husband to come and get her. They helped her sit up on the ground with her back to the front fender of her car and then Trey contacted her husband while Matt C. was still rendering first aid.

Our Heroes stayed with Vivian treating her wounds until her husband arrived and he took her to the hospital. Our heroes came to realize that Vivian’s son is the captain of the local fire department.

Later that evening Trey received a phone call from Vivian’s son with a report on her well-being. Seems that Vivian had a mild concussion, two broken bones in her shoulder and a broken bone in her hand. Vivian’s husband expressed his ever-grateful thanks for our team of heroes for coming to his wife’s aid in her time of need.

For me this is what it means to be a Good Steward of the Community. Coming to the aid of strangers in a moment’s notice and applying professionalism, respect and genuine concern.

I’m honored to work with such individuals and couldn’t be prouder of my TEAM!


Chuck B.

Trey confirmed every detail of what Chuck shared, but also added a few details that make the story even more of a wow.

When Vivian fell she asked him to contact her husband and told him his name was Mickey.

“When she said her husband’s name was Mickey, it struck me because I only know one person with that name and I’ve known him for more than 20 years,” says Trey. “I had just seen him a few weeks ago.”

Trey has lived in Kingsland for 43 years so he knows a lot of people—including Mickey’s son, Charles, who’s number he already had in his phone.

“Charles is his son and he’s the captain of the Kingsland Fire Department, so I called him and said, ‘I’m up here at the Ruby Tuesday and your mom fell and doesn’t want me to call 911.’ He was right down the road so he came too.”

Trey jokingly said that Charles probably would have gotten a talking to from his mom if he had called 911 without her permission. On a more serious note though, he’s not sure how long she would have been there before someone spotted her so he was grateful they could jump in and help.

“It felt like it was the right thing to do,” says Trey. “I’m just glad we were there.”

Matt C. wholeheartedly agrees and only had one more joking thing to say, “The only thing I would add would be that the real hero is Ruby Tuesdays for having a $5 burger special since that’s what got us all there.”

That means we should thank Ruby Tuesday, as well as, all of these gentleman for their kindness and willingness to jump in and help!


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