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Tropospheric ducting: a unique weather phenomenon can impact TV signals

We like to believe technology is immune to things such as the weather (or the angle of the sun) … but that’s simply not the case. There are times when natural phenomenon interferes with radio and TV signals—and one of those is called tropospheric ducting. Learn how this can impact your TV channels.
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New channels now on TDS TV and TDS TV+

Great news, TDS TV and TDS TV+ customers—we’ve added channels in many local lineups! Read on to find out where and what you’ll find in your guide.
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Masters 2021: A tournament unlike any other

Tournament week begins on Monday, April 5 with a practice round in each of the first three days at the beautiful golf course in Augusta, Georgia. The legendary tournament, with its loaded pool of talent, will officially begin on Thursday, April 8. Get the scoop on the traditions and how to watch the Masters.
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Nasa TV

NASA TV channel launched on TDS TV+

NASA TV is now available for TDS TV+ customers on channel 55. NASA TV is a television service of the… more...
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march madness

March Madness is back!

Hoops fans, rejoice! The greatest month-long spectacle in sports—March Madness—is returning soon. Find out which teams to keep your eye on and where to watch all the big games.
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Half off SHOWTIME offer ends Dec. 31

Time is running out on this great sale! New customers to SHOWTIME® can purchase the premium channel for 50% off its regular rate of $10.99 a month for six months and the sale ends on December 31. Find out what you've been missing and why you should grab this offer before it's too late.
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TDS and NFL Network teaming up for a free preview

We're exited to offer our customers a month-long free preview of the NFL Network kicking off Dec. 15 and running through Jan. 15, 2021. It's our way of offering you a little something extra this holiday season so you can catch all of the great football action—including games exclusive to the NFL Network! Check out what upcoming exclusive games available during this free preview.
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TV channel blackouts are happening more and more

TV channel blackouts are on the rise—how come? Learn more about how fewer ad dollars, rising production costs, and media consolidation are impacting negotiations for TV content.
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Fall sun outages could impact your video signal

Twice a year, all television customers (not just TDS TV customers) may experience some degree of television interference due to sun outages. This fall, that window is expected to start around October 5 and last until around the 13th. What are sun outages? Get the scoop.
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Get SHOWTIME for 50% off

With the weather turning colder, it’s the perfect time to cozy up on the couch and watch great shows and movies—and now you can get them for half off! For a limited time, new SHOWTIME® subscribers can purchase this premium channel for only $5.50 a month. Get the scoop on all the great things you can watch for that low price.
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