TDS provides post-disaster consumer protection measures for customers in California

With 16 climate zones ranging from dry desert basins and coastal hills, to snowy peaks and ancient forests, California is known for its unique environments and weather patterns.

Natural disasters can happen at any time and at any place in California. It’s important for the public to be prepared and to understand the natural disaster hazards in your area.

During a disaster situation, keep track of situational developments by listening to the news, authorities, and visiting websites like Residents should also create a disaster preparedness plan so you’re ready if something happens.

As a provider of wireline communications services, TDS Telecom will abide by these post-disaster consumer protection measures.

In the event the Governor of California or the President of the United States declare a state of emergency in your area that results in the loss or disruption of landline telephone service or in the degradation of the quality of landline telephone service, TDS shall provide the following protections to residential and small business customers* for a duration of at least 12 months from the date of the state of emergency declaration, or as appropriately determined by the California Office of Emergency Services:

  1. Waiver of one-time activation fee for establishing remote call forwarding, remote access to call forwarding, call forwarding features, and messaging services;
  2. Waiver of the monthly rate for one month for remote call forwarding, remote access to call forwarding, call forwarding, call forwarding features, and messaging services;
  3. Waiver of the service charge for installation of service at the temporary or new permanent location of the customer and again when the customer moves back to the original premises;
  4. Waiver of the fee for one jack and associated wiring at the temporary location regardless of whether the customer has an Inside Wire Plan;
  5. Waiver of the fee for up to five free jacks and associated wiring for Inside Wiring Plan customer upon their return to their permanent location; and
  6. Waiver of the fee for one jack and associated wiring for non-Plan customers upon their return to their permanent location.

For more information, please contact TDS at 1-888-CALL-TDS.

*Small business customers are considered businesses with five telephone lines or less.

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