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Weekly Tech News Roundup for September 29

This week: Companies are working together with Target teaming up with Lens technology from Pinterest and Google collaborating with Levi to make a smart jean jacket. In other tech news, the 140 character limit might be changing, Amazon has announced even more products, and a new Kickstarter project could change the traditional campfire.
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Weekly tech news roundup: Start-up edition

This week's tech roundup is focused on start-ups. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are great places to find great new entrepreneurial projects that are soon to hit the market!
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 12

This week: Logitech rolls out it's one button smart home solution, rumor has it the iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack (but will have other stuff!), and speaking of smart homes—you may want to think carefully about which one you choose since about 75% of them are hackable. All this, plus other headlines and our Kickstarter pick of the week.
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Tech news roundup for July 1

Check out the hottest toy coming just in time for the holidays, find out how to get a smartphone on the cheap (warning: there's a catch), and there are quite a few updates about your favorite social media and mapping apps. Also, take a peek at a "shut up and take my money" Kickstarter for anyone who has ever done battle with a tape measure, and waste a few minutes today watching some really awesome and brain-bending Photoshop creations.
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Tech news roundup for June 17

This week: Facebook Messenger gets a new home screen, Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn makes people fear Clippy's return, and Xbox shows off a new console coming in August. Also find out (fast) what 13 things Apple unveiled at their annual conference, check out the best video game trailers shown at E3, and take a peek at Knocki—our Kickstarter of the week.
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Weekly tech news roundup for September 25

This week: Today is your only day to score Amazon Prime for only $67, Samsung's virtual reality Gear is coming in November for $99, and Microsoft Office 2016 reviews are in. Also check out a really innovative portable wind turbine that can charge your small electronics...or more, find out about Pebble's new Round smartwatch, and learn about the new snow dinos discovered!
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