Weekly Tech News Roundup for September 29

Target is adding a feature connected to Pinterest

Pinterest has recently partnered with Target to incorporate Lens, the visual search tool, into the Target app and later the website. The technology will allow Target customers to scan any item and find a similar product for sale at Target.  Along with the merge, Target will be purchasing more ads on Pinterest to drive more customers to their app or website. Check out how Pinterest incorporates the technology into their platform.

Ataribox retro gaming console announces gaming capabilities

With the popularity of the Nintendo retro consoles, the excitement (and demand) for more is high. Enter the Ataribox. Many believed that the Ataribox gaming console would come with a selection of classic Atari games; however, it will also have the ability to play games from other platforms through the Linux OS on board and a lot more. It will have apps, social features, web browsing, music, and streaming capabilities. This means that will be in competition with devices like Apple TV and the Shield TV from Nvidia. An Indigogo for Ataribox is expected this fall.

No longer 140 characters?

Have you even been in the Twitter dilemma with something to say, but too many characters? Well, Twitter might be solving that problem for you. They recently announced that are testing a 280 character limit (instead of 140) with a small group of users. Although many might be excited about the character increase, others see it as changing the foundation of Twitter, a short and concise way of expressing your ideas. Twitter believes that increasing the character limit will result in more tweets, which is a main object for the company.

The Futuristic Jean Jacket

Last year, Levi and Google announced their joint product, Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket that connects to the internet. The jacket looks like a normal Levi jacket, but there is a device in the left cuff that contains a wireless radio, a battery and a processor. With only a few gestures you are able to turn on music, receive directions, stop sounds, and more. This might seem crazy and unnecessary to have such a high-tech piece of clothing, but who knows, maybe this is the future!

Want a fire, but not the smoke?

BioLite FirePit lets people enjoy a fire without the smoke by creating a smokeless wood-burning fire! The fire pit’s main components include the ability to use wood or charcoal, 360 degree view of the fire, an air flow system to get the most from your fire, and it’s portable! This lets people enjoy a nice night at the fire and you can even turn it into a grill so, this seems to be a game-changer for campfires and grilling.

All things Amazon

As usual, Amazon is in the headlines of tech news. They recently announced many new products to expand their market as well as upgrading their current products. Many of the new products are related to the Echo and they include, the all-new Echo, Echo Plus (high-end version), Echo Spot (a high tech alarm clock), and the Echo Buttons (made for games). Another revised product is the Fire TV, which doesn’t have many new updates, but it has been upgraded to 4K HDR.


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