Ray-ban Meta Wayfarer

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If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of style and technology this new year, look no further than Ray-ban and Meta’s new Wayfarer sunglasses. Ray-ban, known for its high-quality sunglasses, has partnered with Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, to create the next generation of sunglasses.

The Meta Wayfarer has an ultra-wide 12 MP camera embedded into the lenses, allowing you to take photos, videos, and live stream directly to Facebook or Instagram with your sunglasses. All you need to do is press a button on the rim of your glasses to get started.

Ray-ban’s newest creation also comes with open-ear speakers embedded into the frame, allowing you to take calls or listen to music discreetly, thanks to their directional audio system. Additionally, the Meta Wayfarer comes with Meta AI, which can be easily accessed by simply saying, “Hey Meta.”

Each pair of Meta Wayfarers comes with a portable charging case made to look like a traditional sunglass holding case. A companion app is also available for IOS and Android, allowing you to manage all your pair’s features in one place.

The Ray-ban Meta Wayfarer is available at Ray-ban’s website in seven different styles for $299.99-$379.00.

SIQ Smart Basketball

Photo courtesy of Siqbasketball.com

The newest innovation in the sport of basketball, the SIQ Smart Basketball, is perfect for those looking to improve their game in 2024. With a patented next gen 9D sensor embedded in the ball, along with an AI enhanced companion app, the SIQ Smart Basketball is able to track 192 data points when you shoot the ball, measuring everything from spin rate, release angle, and who is shooting based on your unique “shooting fingerprint.” The feedback is then instantly delivered to the companion app, allowing you to optimize and improve your shot in mere seconds.

Pro-basketball players and coaches, such as Duncan Robinson, Amen Thompson, and Kayla McBride, have endorsed the product. The SIQ Smart Basketball is available in two different varieties, indoor and outdoor, and include an annual membership to the SIQ app. Additionally, the basketballs come in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. The SIQ Smart Basketball is currently priced at 149.99 on the SIQ website.

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet

Photo courtesy of Razer.com

The ultimate portable gaming tablet has arrived on the market. The Razer’s new mobile console comes with impressive specs and performance capabilities to deliver the best gaming experience for all gamers. The Razer Edge Gaming Tablet is the first device in the world to come equipped with a Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 gaming chipset, one of the most powerful in the world. The tablet’s 6’8” 144HZ AMOLED FHD+ Touchscreen and hypersense haptic controls delivers a console-quality experience to the palm of your hands.

Gamers will have access to Xbox, Steam Link, PlayStation Remote Play, and Android games, meaning you can play the most popular games like Fortnite, Starfield, and Roblox at home or on the go. The Razer Edge Gaming Tablet is also the world’s first 5G optimized gaming console, meaning high reliability and speed with low lag while you game. You can purchase the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet online or at a Razer store.

Nothing Phone (2)

Photo courtesy of Nothing.com

During the past year, Nothing has taken the tech and smartphone world by storm with its innovative Phone (1). Back with their newest iteration of the smartphone, Nothing has once again changed the smartphone game with a unique design and powerful performance.

Phone (2)’s calling card is the glyph interface on the back of the phone. Reinforced by dual-side Gorilla Glass, the phone’s back is clear, with an assortment of lights coursing through the back of the phone. You can assign different light and sound sequences to each contact and notification type, affording you the ability to know who’s calling or texting without having to open your phone. Fans of the phone’s unique design will appreciate the Nothing OS 2.0, which is functional and sleek, showcasing the essentials to allow you to spend less time on your phone and more time living in the world.

One can feel environmentally conscious with Phone (2) as well. Made with 100% recycled aluminum, tin, and copper foil, Phone (2) has sustainability in mind. Phone (2) is available to purchase at the Nothing website in white or black for $599.99.

Written by Will Chamblee, TDS Communications Intern

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