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Elvis Christmas Album

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Elvis

It released in 1957, only one year after his debut record. The idea was to put out a mostly Christmas, but also gospel themed record to see how it would perform. The result is what is now the highest-selling Christmas album of all time. TDS Telecom (TDS®) is proud to take part in the 14th annual FCI Art Show & Auction for the Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM), which serves West Madison, Middleton, and Cross Plains. TDS donated 24 antique phones ranging from wooden crank phones to rotary phones as well as collector plates. The Madison-based telecommunications company purchased the collection from the family of former TDS Telecom associate and MOM Executive Director Al Ripp who passed away unexpectedly in 2017. “Al was an incredible person whose passion for the telecommunications industry and its history was only surpassed by his desire to help others,” said TDS President and CEO Jim Butman. “It seems fitting that his phones will raise money for a cause that he cared so deeply about.” Ripp was an associate at TDS for 37 years and took the helm of MOM shortly after his retirement. When MOM wrote about his sudden death four years ago on its website, the organization called Ripp, “Mr. Middleton. The very best of the community. The right Dad for MOM. Role model. A community hero, and friend.” “Al was a valued associate at TDS; people remember him as a compassionate and caring person,” said Butman. “This donation allows his legacy to live on, and for more charitable works to be done in his name. We encourage everyone to explore all of the antiques and artwork in this auction.” Online bidding for the FCI Art & Auction begins Oct. 9. The in-person event occurs Thursday, Oct. 14 from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at FCI, 2551 Parmenter Street, Middleton. All proceeds will benefit MOM’s effort to prevent homelessness and end hunger.
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Eric Clapton

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Eric Clapton

Today’s artist is the only three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, second in Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and fourth in Gibson’s “Top 50 Guitarists of All Time.” Listen to the album that launched his solo career (and score it on the cheap!).
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Coldplay

Some people like to poke fun at Coldplay because of the softer feel, but it’s no bother. Critical acclaim for this album was furious, Rolling Stone called Coldplay the ‘best band of the year’ and the album brought them a Grammy Award for ‘Record of the Year’ and it was number one on the charts and it has sold nearly 20 million copies to date.
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Weekly Tech News Roundup for September 29

This week: Companies are working together with Target teaming up with Lens technology from Pinterest and Google collaborating with Levi to make a smart jean jacket. In other tech news, the 140 character limit might be changing, Amazon has announced even more products, and a new Kickstarter project could change the traditional campfire.
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 18

This week: Get ready for the solar eclipse, learn how to save energy, learn how Ticketmaster is trying to reduce bulk ticket purchases, and Amazon released a new service, Instant Pickup
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4 ways to get the most out of Amazon Prime Day

The most important tips and tricks to ensure you don't miss out on the best deals of the annual sale.
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Weekly tech news roundup for June 23

This week: there are exciting new Kickstarter's like the SmartDuvet Breeze, Tertill (the weed pulling robot) and Ahead (a hands-free biking device). In other tech news, Spotify is experimenting with song sponsorship and Amazon has bought Whole Foods and just launched Prime Wardrobe.
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Weekly tech news roundup for April 14

This week: STAR WARS TRAILER(!!) (and Thor too), a new Minecraft currency, the world's fastest production car, and Tesla's new solar panels will soon be here. Also, Amazon rolls out a new dashboard for parents, Instagram is #winning, plus a retro keyboard you just might fall in love with.
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Styx_Grand Illusion_Amazon

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Styx

Living in the Midwest, when someone mentions a trip to Chicago, it conjures up thoughts of deep dish pizza, outstanding hot dogs, major sports rivalries, and entirely too much traffic. Rarely do most associate specific bands with the Windy City (with the exception of the Blues Brothers), since arguably the biggest act to come out of Illinois is a solo artist by the name of Kanye West. Today’s band maybe isn’t up there with the greatest acts of all time for many, but perhaps they should be.
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 21

This week: expose on Amazon's corporate culture has everyone talking, hackers stole three times the amount of taxpayer info than originally thought, and there's a new Internet Explorer security gap you need to patch ASAP. Also, watch Boston Dynamic's bipedal robot run through the woods, find out about a new way to charge electric cars by driving them, and check out a fun Jurassic World animation done entirely in Lego.
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