When you start using the email new platform, you might notice more email spam making it into your inbox—but it doesn’t have to be this way. The new email platform has a spam filter and you can control how hard the it looks for email you didn’t ask for.

Here’s how to change the email spam settings:

1. Log into your inbox from the Internet/webmail.
2. In the left column there is a WebApps window. Click on SPAM Settings.

SPAM Navigation

3. The settings are defaulted to “none” but you can change it by clicking on the other options. The Low setting will move all obvious spam email to the Junk folder (also found in the left column), but some may be delivered to your inbox. Medium will catch most spam, but you should also check your Junk folder occasionally to make sure important email wasn’t accidentally delivered there. If you select High, chances are all spam will be caught…but there’s also a higher likelihood that “real” email will also be misidentified, so keep a close eye on your Junk folder.

SPAM Settings

4. You can help the filter work even better by marking unwanted email as spam. The filter “learns” what to dump and what to keep in the future. All it takes is one click:

SPAM Marking

You can adjust these settings at any time until you find one that works best for you.


  1. My spam setting is set to “none” and I have no mail in my “junk” folder. Is this possible? There is a vendor (Barnes & Noble) that usually sends me 2-3 emails per week. I have not been receiving them since I was converted to the new email system. I do want to receive them. Any idea what the problem might be?

  2. Our folders did not transfer with when our e-mail was switched over. We do not have a gear box showing. We also don’t have the WebApp we should have to adjust our spam. I am not impressed with the switch!

  3. I don’t have WebApp on the left either. Also, I HATE having the “trash” and “junk” folders ABOVE the folders I really want to use. Why have these two folders for UNWANTED emails been placed above the folders in which I put WANTED email? The TDS mail info pages says these are “system folders” and can’t be moved. RIDICULOUS!!!

  4. I haven’t been converted yet. Is that possible? At least I never receive a notice from TDS that I was converted. Please check

  5. Dorothy, it’s entirely possible! Conversions are still taking place and will continue for the next couple of months.

  6. We switched over to TDS about two months ago for webhosting and email. Since then, I receive 10-20 spam emails per day with none of them ending up in the spam folder. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • I was switched over about the same time and since then not one junk email has shown up – anywhere. I even was expecting some important hotel reservation information and the hotel told me they sent it more than once because I kept telling them i was waiting for it. They said to check the junk folder (which has been empty for months ever since the switch). Finally I gave them another email account to send it to and it went right there. Something is not right with the TDS system. I used to receive over 300 junks a month (before the switch from Google system). I am certainly not a Fan of Spam but every once in a while a “real” email ends up in the junk pile, so I would like to be able to check it periodically.

      • Our company started on the new system and I continue to get a significant volume of spam. I started setting up filters per the advice of the help desk folks. This worked for a few days and I am now receiving quite a few again. I am heading to dozens of filters, I fear. Regardless, TDS folks, the directions on this page https://blog.tdstelecom.com/news/new-tds-email-how-to-change-spam-settings/ lead me to believe moving the files into the junk folder will contribute to reducing spam. This has not worked. Could you investigate to see why not? My guess is I am not the only one with this issue.

        • Mark,I reached out to our conversion team and here’s what I was told: Marking an email as SPAM is a voting system that is used by Internet service providers all over the world. Based on the number of votes and who they come from, the email will then be categorized as SPAM for everyone over time, but it may not help any one customer immediately.

      • Mark and Bernard, I reached out to our email conversion guru to see if we can get an answer for you.

  7. why can’t I change the color of the font or the font type in TDS e-mail?

    I want to be able to see the different font colors when I respond to someone

    • I have a similar problem. If I’m writing a new message, the option line which enables me to change font size, color, underline, etc, does not show up unless I click on “Options” and “Format as HTML.” If I’m replying to an email, the option line appears. I’ve called TDS on this and they told me they had to send it to their “Advanced” Dept or something like that. I’ve not heard back from them and very likely won’t. It’s very disgusting.

      • Kathleen and Marlin, I did some digging and according to my email expert there is no way to change the colors in the new system—it’s simply not an option. As for the HTML, I’m finding out if there is a mode where you can make those changes.

  8. Martina Bowersock

    where is the spam folder so I can look at it and retrieve emails in it?

  9. Where are the spam emails going? Since the transfer I haven’t had a single email go to the junk folder. Before I would receive spam daily. Not that I want the spam but sometimes things go there that aren’t spam.

  10. I am trying to change my spam filter setting from medium to high. The button will not change when I click on it, therefore when I try to save the changes, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
    My spam messages all of a sudden have risen to at least 15 a day. The spam messages are odd in that up at the top is the spam message and then I can see a faded grey message towards the bottom of the email, as thought this spam is piggybacking on another message. Thanks for you help.

    • Hmmmm. I’m not sure what’s going on, Bonnie. I would reach out to our repair team since they’d have the most current information. You can call them at 1-888-CALL-TDS or you could always make a trouble ticket on our website (https://www.tdstelecom.com/contactus) or on our Facebook page under the “Need Help?” area.

  11. I am suddenly receiving way more spam than I used to. My spam settings are still set at medium, and I have been marking them as spam, but the problem keeps getting worse everyday. Is their anything else I can do?

  12. I’ve been experiencing extreme amounts of spam .y spam filter is not working. This has been going on for 2 weeks. TDS customer support says they are working on the problem. If this doesn’t change fast I’m kicking TDS to the curb.

    • Hi Bob,

      Our new email will definitely give a perception that there is more SPAM because it doesn’t chunk it into buckets like the old system did. And unfortunately, that email system will not share their proprietary system with others.

      Spam volume does ebb and flow though. The people who create spam want it to successfully be delivered as email providers try to block this. They send waves of spam, lots of it gets caught, then the spammers change their tactics and send out more waves.

      It stinks, but spammers are always doing what they can to try to squeeze through.

  13. I understand how spam works. The spam filter WAS responsive to setting changes. It is not dong anything now. My switch from Google back to TDS domain mail did not result in a noticeable change in spam. This change occurs like a switch was thrown and boom a crap ton of spam. TDS tech support said there was indeed a problem. FIX IT!!!!

  14. When is TDS going to fix the spam problem? It is so bad. I (and other TDS users) am getting a huge amount of spam. I always mark them spam. I have my spam setting on high. I have gone individually and marked them spam. NOTHING has worked and nothing is going to the “junk” folder. I have called TDS five times in the last couple weeks and get different answers each time. One said they know about the problem and are working on it. The last “manager” I spoke with said there is nothing TDS can do and to change my e-mail address! Are you kidding?!

  15. I’m tired of this company and their lax attitude. I’m going purchase a web domain for my business and get my own domain E-mail. This spam is epic with TDS.

  16. What is going on with the SPAM problem? All of a sudden one day I started receiving huge amounts of SPAM and it only continues to get worse, even with the filter set at High.
    I had been switched over to the new email system for quite a while before this problem started happening, so I think it’s a separate issue.
    I really need this fixed or I may have to start looking for a different carrier.

  17. I’m starting to think that TDS is getting paid to spam our accounts, this is ridiculous 15~20 spam emails a day from the same people and no matter how you change your settings they still come through

  18. Here we go agian… for the past week the tds spam filter is NOT working. Get it together TDS! Your company sucks!!

    • Agree! The last few days my inbox has been jammed with spam.

      Yesterday, I went through about 50 of them and “unsubscribed” from each of them. So far I have only gotten 2 new spams, but they’re always light on Sundays anyway.

      We’ll see if it helps come Monday.

      Come on TDS! This is getting really old! Am about ready to switch providers.

      • Gotta love having to “unsubscribe” when you never “subscribed” to begin with.

        • Right?

        • Bob, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling. Fall is “phishing season” where there always seems to be in an increase in email scams and spam. Reporting any junk email helps the filters stay on top of the daily changes spammers make to try and circumvent them.

          • This is a night and day difference. Hi from hardly getting any spam to getting 50+ messages a say. The filter mod NOT working or failing intermittently. Please look into this.

  19. Here we go again TDS! My spam settings are set on “High” and for about a week, I’ve been receiving thirty to forty junk emails per day. I think TDS has been spammed!!

    • I’m getting groups of 25-30 spams at a time. Unbelievable.

    • Marlin, unfortunately there are many, many ways spammers get a hold of email addresses. Please do continue to mark things as “junk/spam” so the filters can keep up with the pace of the spammers efforts.

  20. Many of these emails have the same address. How long does it take the filter to realize that I’ve designated the email as spam and put in in my junk folder?

    • That I don’t know, unfortunately. If you’d like to speak with the experts, reach out to our Technical Support team as they should have the answer (1-888-225-5837).

  21. Thank goodness I’m not alone. My spam filter set to high quit working back in September. 10-15 spams a day in the junk folder and all of a sudden is stopped. Now nothing goes to the Junk folder unless I send it there. I did not know I was the Spam filter.
    TDS Buy and APP for spam that works. Or did you lose your License in September. From what I am reading here I don’t know why mine was working for as long as it was. Post with same problem over a year ago. *&^$%&*^%&*%^*&%^

  22. TDS spam filter has stopped working. About a week ago I started receiving over 10 spam emails a day from the same sender day after day. I keep sending them to the span folder. My spam setting is as high as can be set

    • Winston, I reached out to someone on our repair team and got a little more info. The spam filters are still working, but we’re seeing more cases where spam senders are finding ways around them (like, sent from a random email but uses the name of a legitimate person). If you’re struggling, my contact recommends calling in to speak with a repair advisor. It would be helpful if you have an example of the email so we can do some more targeted investigation. To reach our repair team, call 1-888-225-5837 (we also offer online chat or you could place a help request online and someone will get back to you: https://tdstelecom.com/contactus.html). Thank you!

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