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Should you bait email scammers?

Replying to a scam email and pretending to believe them and do what they’re asking is called scambaiting. Wasting these criminals’ time is seen in many circles to be a form of vigilante justice and there's even a hilarious TED talk devoted to the topic (you've got to watch it!). But should you bait these people? Well, it depends...
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Take a funny test in Facebook? It’s time to clean permissions

If you take those Facebook quizzes be warned: you’re basically purchasing an automatically generated joke about you and your friends and pay by allowing them access to your friend list and Facebook wall—including all your past, current and future posts. And on top of that, you pay with knowledge about all your friends too, but without asking them for permission. A good deal? Well, maybe and maybe not.
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3 password tips from the pros

F-Secure, a TDS partner, tells you the three most common pieces of password advice and practices recommended by security experts. Sure, strong passwords are important, but there are other factors you should be considering (and may not be!).
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The Dropbox password leak–6 lessons we learned

Yet another massive user ID and password leak. This time it affects about 7 million DropBox users, even if DropBox denies they were hacked. As usual, such a hack means that the data these users have stored in DropBox is in jeopardy. It also means that those who use the same ID and password on many services have much bigger troubles. We have six things we can learn from this most recent alleged hacking incident.
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Overwhelmed by Passwords? The One Essential Tip You Need to Know

There’s a lot of advice out there about passwords – how to generate them, store them, manage them. It’s certainly important to get a grip on your passwords – especially after Heartbleed, possibly the greatest vulnerability in Internet history. But for many of us (myself included), the idea of managing ALL those passwords is overwhelming. Here's a little advice...
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7 things to do if you’re going to keep using Windows XP after today

Microsoft will end its support for the world’s second most popular operating system today. F-Secure offers seven tips for avoiding trouble if you're going to continue to use Microsoft XP.
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Why you need Internet security powered by award-winning F-Secure

If you don’t subscribe to TDS Internet Security or have Internet security software on your pc, you should really give it some thought—and not just because we sell it. Here’s why: The SANS Institute estimates that a new, unprotected computer connected to the Internet will be compromised in less than 3 days.
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