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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: The Chemical Brothers

After success remixing hundreds of tracks and working directly with artists, The Chemical Brothers dropped their first album in 1995. Fast forward 25 years and millions of albums sold, and No Geography was released in April of 2019—winning two Grammys for their efforts. If know them from years past, this album may surprise you because the duo's sound has evolved quit a bit. It's worth a listen today.
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Data Privacy Day: Be aware of key threats

Data Privacy Day, led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, is an international effort to create annual awareness about the importance of safeguarding your personal data. They offer some great and easy tips to help you "Own Your Privacy."
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Abbreviate 2020? Experts Say ‘No’

Social media and news outlets have been warning against using the abbreviated version of the year 2020 when signing financial and legal papers. The concern is that, by not using the full four-digit year in 2020, you could increase your chances for fraud. Get the real story from experts.
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Windows 7

New year, new tech updates

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh with some technology updates. And don’t worry about it costing lots of money—in most cases you don’t need to spend a dime to gain features and, more importantly, to increase your online safety.
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Best Spring Break Destinations

Travel Tuesday: Best Spring Break Destinations

For Travel Tuesday, Pursuitist’s award-winning travel editor Christopher Parr visited Live at 4 CBS and shared the Best Spring Break… more...
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Apocalyptica

No one—including the band—had any idea that orchestral covers of hard rock favorites would be so popular. If you've never given Apocalyptica a listen, you should really take a listen today. When you hear the artistry and originality, you'll be convinced this group is way more than a simple novelty.
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FTC shares Census 2020 facts

The Federal Trade Commission is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to help you guard against potential census scams. Knowing how the 2020 Census process works, what information you will — and won’t — be asked for, and some red flags will help you spot and report scams.
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Rush 2112 250x250

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Rush 2112

This week’s Cheap Tunes Tuesday post is dedicated to the memory of Neil Peart. There's no better way to pay tribute to this music legend—arguably one of best drummers of all time (if not THE best)— than listening to Rush's 2112 today.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Kasey Musgraves

Flipping the calendar is a great time to check in on some tunes that aren’t part of your normal routine. Today’s featured artist hit the music scene with a roar in 2014 and she already has a collection of Grammy Awards and a CMA to boot. If you're not familiar with her, now's your chance.
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Stay warm with hot movies on TDS TV On Demand

It’s cold outside so you have the perfect excuse to stay indoors and watch some hot movies on TDS TV… more...
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