Underrated and unconventional holiday movies

Most everyone knows the classics, such as “Home Alone” and “Elf,” but what about some more obscure picks? Check out these unique choices that will brighten your holidays!
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Up to 8Gig speed now available in 75+ communities across the US

It's true! We have officially quadrupled our fastest available internet speed. Up to 8Gig symmetrical service is now the top speed option for homes, and is also available for businesses, in more than 75 communities across the U.S. served over our fiber infrastructure.
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Winter storm alert

We are aware there is a risk of a significant weather event with the potential to impact many of our service areas. We are taking all necessary precautions and plan to maintain normal business operations as long as conditions safely allow. If there are any major outages, information will be shared on our Status of TDS Services page.
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Osmond Family Christmas

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Osmond Family Christmas

The family holiday spirit doesn’t get too much more on the nose than the abundance of Osmonds. With their special sound and wholesome energy, this album has holiday cheer in spades.
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FTC: Fraud reports and losses aren’t just a grandparent’s story

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has some news that might surprise many of you—fraud reports from those under age 60 are higher than those who are over 60! Read on to learn more.
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Sia_Everyday is Christmas

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Sia, Everyday is Christmas

If you like Christmas music, you’ll enjoy this one for sure. Sia has an incredible vocal talent, and it truly shines through on the album. Added bonus? This album is all original music, rather than remakes.
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TDS Cares logo

Check out this Week of Giving wrap-up!

We had such a fantastic time during our first Week of Giving. Get a glimpse into all of our philanthropic activities across the country!
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails

This is truly a fun listen. It’s not going to be as predicable as last week’s holiday music selection, so be a bit prepared for that—but with that said, this one is also well worth checking out. In fact, it maybe even a bit more worth of tossing on than Mills Bros, only because it’s something truly different.
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Showtime q4 2022 preview2

TDS and SHOWTIME team up for free preview Dec. 9-13

As we near the holiday season, spend time with friends and family catching up on the latest SHOWTIME® original series and movies. Take this opportunity to enjoy the SHOWTIME Free Preview from Dec. 9-13, 2022.
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How to watch the US soccer team in the World Cup on Saturday

The United States’ Men’s National Team has made it through Round One of the FIFA World Cup and has advanced to the Round of 16. Get scoop on how to watch on TDS TV and TDS TV+.
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