Using technology to connect with grandparents

This year maybe more than ever, we’re looking for ways to connect with family in new, safe ways. We’ve pulled together a list of some great, easy-to-use, and free ways to stay in touch virtually, plus seven ideas for fun and interesting things to do together without being in the same room.
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Scammer Alert: Unknown Actor posing as Department of Homeland Security

Attention small business owners! The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is currently tracking and monitoring a situation involving an unknown malicious cyber actor who is imitating the COVID-19 relief webpage of the Small Business Administration through phishing emails.
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Watching video_ekaterina-bolovtsova

Women in Technology Employee Resource Group: Facing uncomfortable truths

Elevating women in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM) takes more than encouragement and support. It also takes everyone tackling and facing some uncomfortable truths. For example, did you know men took specific action to discourage women and push them out of computing? Watch a few compelling videos that share truths everyone must face.
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311 blue album

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: 311

This band's third studio release, titled simply 311 (or the blue album), came out in July of 1995. It took a lengthy fourteen months, but when the second single “Down” hit radio airwaves, the band absolutely blew up. It hit no. 1 on the Billboard charts and was heard across mainstream radio from shore to shore. An accompanying music video was all over MTV and the band became a household name.
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75Dollars-2 (002)

Refer a friend, get up to $450 a year!

If you haven’t heard about our referral program, you’re missing out on free money. You could be getting up to $75 worth of credits on your next bill and up to $450 a year. Get the scoop and start saving!
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Canned Heat_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Canned Heat

These guys may not have the notoriety of some of the larger bands of the era, but if you ask many that lived through the hippie era, Canned Heat helped define it. “Going Up The Country” was more than a song, it was an anthem for millions of people looking to make a statement with their way of life. That’s pretty neat.
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FTC: Going shopping? Don’t get shortchanged

Because of business shutdowns and social distancing, people have been spending cash at stores or restaurants at record low levels. Now, some businesses are running low on coins and not offering change. Here are some tips to avoid losing money next time you go out shopping.
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Supplies for virtual back to school

This year, many schools are starting the year virtually in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That change may have big implications for your back-to-school shopping. We reached out to parents just like you to find out what supplies worked for them in the spring or what they’re gathering to help make virtual school successful this fall.
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watching TV

TDS TV and TDS TV+ channel additions

Good news! New multicast channels are coming to many different channel lineups. In the wider Boston, New Hampshire area (which… more...
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B-52s Cosmic Thing_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: B-52’s

Cosmic Thing became a huge hit, eventually selling nearly 10 million copies worldwide and spawning six singles, two of them being on rotation even today across radio stations globally. While this might not be music you listen to everyday, it’s one that gets your spirits up on a tough day. Give Cosmic Thing a shot today—and bring your juke box money!
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