Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these shows starring Latinx actors

From September 15 to October 15, TDS observes Hispanic Heritage Month—a month celebrating the culture and history of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Check out some television shows featuring Latinx leads and characters!
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The Pretenders

Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Pretenders

Critically, this might be the best album you’ve never heard anyone talk about. If you're only familiar with a song or two in their catalog, pull up their debut album and give it a listen.
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Free RedZone preview!

You'll never miss a touchdown! TDS and the NFL RedZone are offering a free preview on Sunday, Sept. 25 and Sunday, Nov. 6.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: U2, Achtung Baby

U2's seventh album hit the top five in 11 different countries, had five successful singles, and resulted in at least $25 million in sales to date. For a group that's been called the most-impressive in the world, it wasn't a mysterious result. Take a listen today.
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How to listen to your music on TDS TV+

When we say that TDS TV+ integrates all your favorite streaming services, we mean it. Sure, you may immediately think… more...
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Actual Football

NFL Network free preview kicks of Sept. 11

A free preview on the NFL Network kicks off Sept. 8 and runs through Oct. 8. Don't miss all of the amazing programming!
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: David Bowie

Bowie's 15th album was produced in just 17 days with standout performances all the way around. And yet, despite it's huge success, critics don't even consider it his best work—but it's a great place to start his catalog.
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TDS-U: Investing in future leaders

TDS strives to ensure their associates feel passionate, driven, and cared for within the organization. One of the ways it fosters opportunities to gain business knowledge and career growth is through TDS Telecom University (TDS-U). Read about a current student's experience!
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The back-to-school tech students need this year

As the summer winds down, it’s time to go back-to-school shopping. A TDS intern and college student gives you eight fantastic tech ideas for the upcoming school year.
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Streaming Tunes Tuesday: Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger

Badmotorfinger blurs the line so hard between alt rock/grunge and metal, and it does so flawlessly. It’s part of the reason why Soundgarden is so great and attracted fans from all walks of life. Take a listen today!
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