Creative meals to make over the campfire

Labor Day weekend is one of the most popular times to go camping, but forget the hot dogs—there's so much more you can do over an open fire. Check out some creative ideas straight from our employees.
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moby play

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Moby

Moby literally played his first show to promote the album in a Virgin Megastore basement, but in 2000 he was leading the MTV Campus Invasion tour. One mega-hit and lots of exposure catapulted Moby from relative obscurity to selling nearly 15 million albums worldwide after essentially none the first twelve months.
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McFarland House_cropped

We’re popping up all over!

There are lots of things described as “pop-ups.” Jiffy Pop popcorn, pop-up campers, pop-up tents, and pop-up shops—but now there’s something new to add to the list: TDS Fiber pop-up events.
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scamwithmoney - resized - Copy

Scams: now, it’s the “government”

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission warned consumers about scammers disguised as government officials to obtain money. They will text, call, email, or even send you mail stating that you have won the lottery or have debt that needs to be paid immediately.
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3 must-see Emmy-nominated dramas

The Emmy Awards have been honoring the best in U.S. prime time television programming since 1948. With this year’s award show right around the corner, here are three television dramas you should consider catching up on.
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Matchbox 20_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Matchbox 20

While rare, you see band with debut albums sell millions of copies only for the follow-ups to fade into oblivion. Today’s featured band is one of those rarities. Pop on this album today and you’ll be transported to 1997.
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ESPN’s college football preview

College football season starts on Saturday—have you done your research and made your predictions for which teams will shine this fall?
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How to recover from a successful scam

With the amount of scam scares in the world today, you’ve figured out what to look out for online. But what if your senses fail you and you fall for a scam?
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The Mark David Group_sm

TDS’ very own rock star

Not everyone at TDS has groupies, but Mark, one of our senior analysts, does. That's because he has more than just qualities of a rock star employee—he actually IS a rock star. Mark headlines The Mark David Group. That's Mark's powerhouse blues/rock band of about 20 years. 
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AC_DC_Highway to hell

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: AC/DC

AC/DC is iconic—what else needs to be said? This album alone has sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide. Odds are you know and are familiar with AC/DC’s hits. It’s tough to not hear them on some form of radio, even now—and today you can pick up Highway to Hell for a song so get it while it’s hot!
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