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The best meal kit delivery services on the market today: Savvy Spending

Chances are, you've heard about meal kit delivery—the ability to have fresh meals, or meal ingredients, delivered weekly to your home. Not sure if meal delivery is right for you? We outline some of the basic concepts, as well as highlight a few of the top nationwide services available (with a few promo codes we found tossed in for good measure.)
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9 Stylish Essentials for Your Summer Beach Getaway

Beach, please! Summer will soon be over and those old gym shorts just aren't cutting it for your upcoming end-of-summer vacation. Thanks to social media, you may be feeling the pressure to up the quality of your beach gear from "thrown together" to #InstaWorthy. That's why we've rounded up nine of our favorite items (most under $50 or on sale!) to keep you stylish on your summer beach trip.
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Savvy Spending: Best On-Demand Fitness Apps and Programs

Those who want to save and still stay fit without a commitment, it's time to get savvy. The fitness tapes and DVDs of old have made a comeback in the form of online streaming, apps and in home "live" memberships that allow participants the benefit of a fancy boutique workout at a fraction of the cost. Here area few of our favorite options to get fit without stretching out your wallet.
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Savvy Spending: When To Book Your Summer Vacation For Maximum Savings

Haven't planned your summer vacation yet? You're still in luck if you're looking to find a reasonably-priced escape. A new report from Trip Advisor analyzed hotel pricing data to identify the lowest prices for hotels this summer. They looked at data across nine regions and 30 cities for travel in June, July and August and we've got the results and some seasoned-traveler advice.
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Savvy Spending: 5 Easy Ways to Cut Costs in 2017

Even if you're not a believer in making resolutions, the new year is a great time to step back and re-evaluate your spending habits (and maybe rein it in here and there). Perhaps you're saving for a house, a vacation, or just want to put more in savings. No matter your reason, we're here to help, rounding up five simple ways to cut costs and find savings in 2017.
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Savvy Saving: What #PrimeDay Taught Us About Shopping

I've written extensively about how to save money online—be it on groceries, home goods, travel and more. Saving—particularly savvy spending—is all about knowing how, and when, to spend your money online. With Amazon's #PrimeDay in the rear view mirror and the holidays ahead, I've compiled five financial and shopping tips for the rest of 2016.
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Savvy Spending: Get Professional Interior Design … For Less

Achieving a picture-perfect home isn't as far off as you may think, either. It doesn't always take big budget interior designers to create a space that you can love. We have six ways to get professional-quality interior design help ... for less.
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Savvy Spending: The Ultimate Checklist for Painless (and $$$ Saving) Moving

Whether you're making a cross-country move, leaving the house for a renovation, or just going across town, there are very few people who would call a move a "fun" activity. But there are ways to make the stress of moving less, well, stressful, and certainly many ways to make moving more economical. Follow the list below and you'll be practicing "savvy spending" tips in no time, flat!
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Savvy Spending: 5 Great Spring Break Trips

It may only be February, but spring is just around the corner—after all, the Groundhog saw his shadow. And you know what that means—spring break! Whether you're planning a family-friendly getaway or a kid-free escape, we've got five ideas that you can start planning ... now.
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5 Easy Ways to Simplify (and Spend Less!) On Your New Year’s Bash

The annual countdown to the New Year is upon us. Whether you're resolving to spend less in 2016 or simply trying to avoid the crowds, throwing a New Year's bash (or brunch!) with friends or family can be a great way to ring in the coming year without hassle. So we've done the work for you, scouring Pinterest for DIY (or semi homemade) ideas that can help you plan the perfect party without stress.
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