It may only be February, but spring is just around the corner—after all, the Groundhog saw his shadow. And you know what that means—spring break! Whether you’re planning a family-friendly getaway or a kid-free escape, we’ve got five ideas that you can start planning … now.

Credit Michael Gil

Oh, Canada 

Plan an over-the-border jaunt to our northern neighbor. A simple drive or flight away, Canada offers something for family-friendly escapes and intimate couple’s trips alike. We love the international feel of Toronto, the French influence of Montreal, and the gorgeous mountain ranges of Whistler and Vancouver. Why now? We love that Canada offers the chance to use your passport without worries (for the most part) of safety, and the US dollar has never been stronger, equating to about a 30-35% discount on most purchases.

Credit Chris Owen
Credit Chris Owen

Do Disney Differently

Disney adventures are practically a right of passage for many families. But let’s face it – one can only see “the mouse” so many times, and sometimes, those teacups make us queasy. So why not make your next Disney experience a bit more exciting with a cruise? The brand offers a number of different itineraries that take passengers from the Caribbean to Alaska, Europe to Mexico and beyond. On certain cruises, you can even experience a private island, Castaway Cay, owned by Disney. Fun perk: some cruises even have a special “Star Wars” day.

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European Escape

With gas prices at historic lows and the dollar at a similar high, there’s not been a better time to go to Europe. Sure, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower are great, but you can also score a deal in areas like Portugal or Croatia, which are slightly less popular with the typical spring break crowds.

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Family Friendly … Las Vegas

Inexpensive hotels and free entertainment abounds in Las Vegas.  While many may know that “Sin City” is good for adults, there’s plenty of entertainment for all. From great evening shows to world-class restaurants to pool parties and stay-all-day spas, there’s something for every taste. But what many don’t know is that Vegas can be a family fun spot too – think day trips to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam to excursions to the “Neon Boneyard” where old casino signs get a second life to New York New York’s in house rollercoaster and gaming area.

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A Capital Affair 

Washington, DC is buzzier than ever, and that’s not just because it’s an election year. Spring break is a beautiful time to visit DC, when the temperatures have warmed but aren’t sweltering. This walkable city has enough free attractions to keep you busy for an entire week (think museums, monuments, the Zoo, and more) and the added benefit of introducing the kids to real-life history being made every day on Capitol Hill. Be sure to request things like White House and Capitol tours well in advance, however. For less expensive accommodations, look in Arlington or Old Town Alexandria, just a short drive from the city proper and accessible via Metro.

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