TDS TVHave you lost your TDS TV User Guide but now have a question? Or maybe you’re interested in learning how to program your TDS TV remote control to control your DVD player too? Or maybe you’ve decided you want to rent a video on demand for the first time, but know how to do it?

We’ve got you covered. There is a fantastic TDS TV Guides and How-To Video page on If you haven’t visited there yet, you should go and bookmark it for future reference because it is full of useful resources.

On this page there are user guides for:

    • Your remote control and for using TDS TV
    • A pre-installation checklist so you’ll be sure to ready
    Troubleshooting TDS TV

We’ve also got 8 how-to videos, including how to:

    • Set up parental controls

    • Rent Videos on Demand

    • Create favorite lists

    • And more, including basics like recording programs and searching for programs

I actually just used the TDS TV Guides and How-To Video page a few weeks ago. I was at work and a coworker was telling me about Morgan Spurlock’s (of “Supersize Me” fame) new show on CNN called “Inside Man.” I didn’t want miss the episode that night so I looked up the User Guide because I had forgotten how to program my DVR remotely. I reviewed the instructions (on page 34, if you’re interested) and set up a recording while I was eating lunch at my desk. Easy-peasy.

Having these resources available online is super handy and I really appreciated having them. Especially because I’m pretty sure the last few pages of our User Guide at home have been peeled off and made into paper airplanes by my children. What can I say, we just haven’t needed to use it—but that’s part of what I’m enjoying about TDS TV :-).

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