Savvy Spending: Best On-Demand Fitness Apps and Programs

Getting fit via a boutique studio—one that specializes in a single workout, like barre or yoga—may seem like a great idea. Sure, you love the motivation of a class atmosphere, but do you really want to spin each and every day, or “lift and tuck” with your neighborhood Pilates studio? Varying your workouts can help you combat boredom, prevent overuse injuries, and ensure that you enjoy a sustainable mixture of cardio and strength.

But joining multiple single specialty studios isn’t always easy on the wallet. If you’re near a good gym, you may be able to enjoy a variety of classes at your local YMCA or fitness center, or, if you’re in a major city, an app like ClassPass or FitReserve will offer access to the area’s hottest local studios for a single monthly fee.

But for those who want to save and still stay fit without a commitment, it’s time to get savvy. The fitness tapes and DVDs of old have made a comeback in the form of online streaming, apps and in home “live” memberships that allow participants the benefit of a fancy boutique workout at a fraction of the cost. Here area  few of our favorite options to get fit this summer without stretching out your wallet.

  • If you like dance, try PureBarre, Barre3 or Physique57‘s streaming memberships for as little as $19.95 per month. We love that barre requires very little equipment—a chair, small ball, and perhaps a stretchy tube are the most you’ll need to lift and tone your muscles.
  • Yogis will like YogaGlo, which is just $18 per month and has more than 4,000 yoga and meditation classes available. Yogis Anonymous offers a similar service.
  • Pilates buffs will love the aptly-named Pilatesology, which is $19 per month.
  • Love spin? The feeling of a boutique studio is hard to recreate at home, but if you’re committed to buying a stationary bike, purchase a Peleton and activate the $39 per month subscription to watch live and on-demand classes and get your sweat on.
  • It’s a bit pricey compared to some of the other options listed, but you can even train like a celebrity. Tracy Anderson, who works with many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, offers her classes online and streaming for $90 per month.
  • Like the variety of a gym? Crunch, a national fitness chain, offers many of its courses live and on demand for  just $90 per year. EMG Live curates fitness classes from studios around the country as well; buy class packs or $19.95 per month gets you unlimited access.
  • If you prefer to work out outside, app Aaptiv allows you to use just audio to try classes that help you run or complete other cardio-based workouts.
  • Similarly, DailyBurn ($14.95/month) and Booya Fitness offers a wide variety of classes, plus add on “workout plans” that you can customize, for as little as $9.99 per month.
  • Seeking inspiration and daily guidance? The Tone It Up girls Karena and Katrina are peppy and motivating, and offer diet as well as fitness advice. BBG, the Bikini Body Guide, by Kayla Itsines, is a similar feeling, and many success stories of transformations through diet and exercise are available on Instagram and her site. With Tone It Up, you’ll pay for the nutrition plan, and with BBG, the app costs $19.95 per month, with a multi-month discount if you commit.
  • YouTube can be a great resource as well; many channels offer full-length workouts for free. The BeFit channel is one of our favorites.

Have you tried another online fitness method that works for you? If so, leave your answers in the comments below!


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    I use apps by Verv for home and outdoor exercises

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