Trying to fix something going on with your TDS TV®+ service? Although our repair team is always available, we wanted to pass along some quick troubleshooting tips and steps you can try right at home.

No audio or video: If you notice a lack of audio or video, there’s a few things to check. Confirm that all cables are connected securely, and the device is on the correct input for your TV service. Also, verify there are lights on your set-top box and it is powered on. If your set-top box is connected via a coax cable, confirm the connection is tight on both the box and the wall.

Buffering or quality issues: With buffering content or poor quality, confirm that all cables connected to your set-top box are secure and connected in the correct ports. Slow speeds could also be the root of the problem, so run a speed test on another device that is hardwired to the modem. Be sure to note the results and any error numbers that appear on the screen. Also, check to see if it is sun outage season—twice a year there is a phenomenon where solar rays interfere with satellite signals. Our website has more details.

HDMI connection: If you get a pop-up error message on your screen, you should be able to clear it by pressing the OK button while the message is showing, and then pressing the channel button up or down. If the message persists, try unplugging the HDMI cable from your TV and plugging it back in. Or try connecting a completely different HDMI cable.

Remote not responding: Resetting your remote might help with connection issues. On your TDS TV+ remote control, simultaneously press the gray TiVo button and the power button until your remote control’s activity light appears solid red. Then press the down volume key three times, and then press the gray TiVo button. The activity light will blink red three times to indicate the factory reset is complete. Check out these steps to re-pair your remote.

Blue spinning circle: The spinning wheel may point to an internet bandwidth issue. Try improving your connection by moving the TDS TV+ receiver closer to your router or vice versa. You can also consider connecting the receiver with a network cable instead of connecting wirelessly. Finally, be sure to check for appliances that might be causing an interference, such as Bluetooth connections or monitors, and turn them off to see if the issue resolves.

If these tips don’t do the trick, don’t forget about our TDS TV+ support page and feel free to chat with a repair advisor or contact us 24/7 at 1-888-225-5837.

Written by Celia Reid, TDS Communications Intern


  1. We need a new TDS tv remote. The channel selector is worn out and not making contact. That should be an easy process.

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