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Tech gifts for everyone in the family

Looking for the perfect tech gift this holiday season? Check out technology gift ideas for everyone in the family from drones and headphones to kindles and phones.
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Weekly Tech News Roundup for September 29

This week: Companies are working together with Target teaming up with Lens technology from Pinterest and Google collaborating with Levi to make a smart jean jacket. In other tech news, the 140 character limit might be changing, Amazon has announced even more products, and a new Kickstarter project could change the traditional campfire.
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social media

How to create a social media will

Social media accounts play a big part in people's lives, so what happens to those accounts once you pass away? Find out how each social media platform will handle your account and figure out how to be proactive with your account settings.
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 4

This week: Apple had great sales report as people anticipate the new iPhone release, Giphy will be testing sponsored GIFs, say goodbye to the original Paint, and more!
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Weekly tech news roundup for July 18

This week: There are new updates in the world of transportation from supersonic planes to Elon Musk's Hyperloop. Also, Google has some new features, Apple has a security update and the Petcube is changing the way owners interact with their pets.
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Weekly tech news roundup for June 30

This week: there are many new things happening in the tech world from Google changing their targeted advertising practices to Snapchat releasing a new feature and Apple announcing the new iOS 11 update.
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What does Google know about you?

Have you ever thought about what your internet searches may reveal about you? You might be surprised to know just how much Google knows. While on its surface what you search for may seem uninteresting, just think of what can be gleaned from it. We have a few ways you can check the (potentially creepy) data Google has on you so you can clear Google from keeping any unwanted details. .
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 14

This week: how cats won the Internet, Samsung's new stuff, and Google gets a new holding company. Also, check out astronauts eating the first veggies grown in space, find out about a micro USB cable that is reversible (no wrong side!), and more in this week's tech news.
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