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Is your cell phone causing “tech neck” wrinkles?

Having the latest gadgets may make us feel good but they are apparently giving us a "tech neck." In an age of constantly looking down to our hand-held screens, a new sign of aging is emerging. Clinicians are now noticing that this constant head-down posture is creating creases that ring around patient's necks. This new skin furrow has become the modern sign of aging, but there may be ways to help avoid it.
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St. Patty’s Day Movie Suggestions

It’s March! Almost time for spring! That means… well, that means the ground will be sloppy with melting snow and mud, the molds and mess of winter all showing up. Not a great time to spend outside, so why not enjoy a nice movie at your place? Adding to that argument is March is the end of the “movie dump season,” where studios typically show movies that they no longer expect much profit from. Since you’ll have to wait for summer blockbusters and Oscar movies typically happen in the fall and winter, why not stay in and get your St. Patty’s Day celebrating started with one of these movies?
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Make this for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! How about making something with a bit of an Irish flare for dinner that night? Melynn shares two great recipes for you to consider: cream of reuben soup and Irish brown bread.
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Seen On Pinterest: Home Decor “Hacks”

One of my favorite uses for Pinterest is home design and decor inspiration. I’ve recently begun the process of purchasing… more...
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Let there be sound!

Sometimes you just want to eat your morning Cheerios and catch the weather—but other times you want to feel like you’re a part of the program you’re watching. Find out what Austin thinks can give you that immersive sound experience....without the cords.
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Seen On Pinterest: It’s Time To Get Fit

When we looked back through our more recent Seen on Pinterest columns, we realized something. Pinterest is an inspiring tool… more...
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In the spotlight: Beaver Island, Michigan

Beaver Island is the biggest island in Lake Michigan, at about 13 miles long and six miles wide. To get to this picturesque TDS Telecom community, you can take a ferry or a short flight from the city of Charlevoix, about 32 miles away. It’s a tourism hot spot, especially in the summer. Visitors come from all over to explore the island’s beaches and natural beauty. Find out about this interesting TDS location.
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Recommended apps for 2014

We brought you our productivity app recommendations not once, but twice in 2013. (Hint: read here and here for a refresher). So what’s new in 2014? I'm glad you asked.
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Seen On Pinterest: Valentine’s Day Inspiration For Everyone In The Family

As I write this, we're two weeks away from the much-anticipated or much feared Valentine's Day. February 14th hails but once each year, TDS customers, and Cupid's arrow will strike soon, so you'd better be ready. This week's post rounds up some of my favorite Pinterest finds for the whole family—from crafts for the kids to romantic roses for her to satisfying and sinfully delicious recipes for the gourmet chef and novice cook alike—I'm looking at you, boyfriends and husbands! So read on and pin away, dear readers.
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sick day 4

Rest, Fluids, and TDS TV

Being sick is never fun, but the silver lining is that when you're home, you can catch up on your favorite shows. Get some suggestions for some great shows and movies could make being sick a little more fun.
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