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Cheap Tunes Tuesday

In this weekly installment of Cheap Tunes Tuesday, we move to another very famous band—this one hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Some of you may only know the lead singer for his humanitarian efforts around the world, others may only know him and his band for their pretty epic tunes from the mid-70s to today. I am talking about Bono, U2, and their 1987 effort, The Joshua Tree.
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Seen on Pinterest: Six Tips to Transition Summer Style to Fall

It may be only August, but the days are already shorter than they were at summer’s peak, and the nights… more...
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 22

What's hot on the tech blogs this week: Windows 9 coming next month, Google's new Music Key streaming service, and prices drop on iPhone 5s (so the 6s must really be coming!). Check out some new gadgets including a smartphone attachment that will monitor your heart rhythms, a new type of 3D printer that could cost less to run, and a hypnotic "desk toy" for the modern age. If the new Swing Copters is driving you nuts, take a minute to watch some videos of retro video games that might just make you smile if you once owned or played on an an Apple II.
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Princess Knight 3

Movies with Puppets: The Felt Life

My filmmaking team and I are working on our first feature length film, titled The Princess Knight! It is exciting, it is fun and it is an extremely difficult process, for a few reasons. For one, this is still an all-volunteer project. The bigger issue, though, is our cast. Every one of them needs at least 1 if not 2 people helping them out at all times, and when you have 5-6 of them on frame at any given time, it makes it difficult to find enough people just to help out. It is very challenging. Did I mention that The Princess Knight is a puppet movie?
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Amazon has graciously discounted select albums each week down to $5 dollars. A price so low, even if you make a hasty purchase and aren’t a fan, you aren’t left feeling like you lost your puppy. This week, in case you’re the type of person that likes to be referred to new music, or maybe the type that simply forgets about the classics, you should check out an album that changed music history: In Utero
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Seen on Pinterest: Healthy, Simple Breakfast Favorites

It's well known that one of the best ways to start the day is with a healthy breakfast. But as the lazy days of summer draw to a close, our leisurely mornings grow fewer and further between. Try these healthy make-ahead options to start your morning on a good note.
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Seen on Pinterest: Ten Creative Crafts for Hot Summer Days

We're big fans of spending time outdoors when the weather is warm, but there are some days when it's simply too hot, too buggy, or too stormy to venture outside. On those days, we turn to Pinterest for DIY inspiration. There's always a craft project waiting around the corner, and this week's Seen on Pinterest tracks of a few of our favorite do-it-yourself and popular home goods hacks. Most of these crafts are suitable for teenagers and adults, or older children with parental supervision.
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The problem with 911 emergency services and cell phones (in other words, why you should keep your landline)

Last week some startling news hit—as many as 90% of the 911 cell calls made in Washington D.C. are missing key bits of information that allow users to be pinpointed on a map. Get the details.
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Game Time: Three Online Shops, Just For Fun

Whatever happened to the aisles and aisles of computer games you used to see at big-box electronics and specialty stores? Sure, stores still stock a large number of games for consoles like Xbox and Playstation, but Windows and Mac users are lucky to find more than a single shelf. That's not because everybody is too busy playing Candy Crush on their phones—computer gaming is still a $25 billion industry. So, where are all the games?
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Seen on Pinterest: Cool Treats for Hot Summer Days

Seen on Pinterest is back and ready to help you plan out the rest of your summer shindigs with these sweet treats perfect for hot summer nights, backyard barbecues or lazy days by the lake.
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