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Shopping season is heating up, and so are scams

Thanksgiving is fast approaching—and so is the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season. Stores are preparing for the onslaught of traffic and so are criminals. Look out for two new phishing scams and follow five best practices to keep your personal information safe.
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Cyber security: you’re not as safe as you think you are

New research by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) reveals we feel a lot more cyber safe than we actually are. In fact, last year, one in five American homes were notified of a data breach (with half of those receiving more than one!)…but yet 79 percent still feel safe! How can you close the gap between how safe you feel and how safe you really are? We've got some easy things you can do.
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Take a funny test in Facebook? It’s time to clean permissions

If you take those Facebook quizzes be warned: you’re basically purchasing an automatically generated joke about you and your friends and pay by allowing them access to your friend list and Facebook wall—including all your past, current and future posts. And on top of that, you pay with knowledge about all your friends too, but without asking them for permission. A good deal? Well, maybe and maybe not.
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3 ways to lock down your router
 (and keep your smart home safe!)

Smart homes might be right around the corner, but are you and your neighbors really ready for them? While research shows the demand for Internet of Things (IoT) devices is likely to skyrocket over the next few years, the security implications of the IoT aren’t so rosy. Current online threats will become much closer to home as more people use IoT devices to “smarten” up their houses, and new security challenges are sure to emerge.
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A scammer might be a phone call away

When you have a question, you probably turn to the Internet....but that's what’s makes this new scam so scary. Scammers are using our urge to find information online to set up unsuspecting victims. They are setting up fake websites and customer service lines that seem to be associated with big name companies.
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3 password tips from the pros

F-Secure, a TDS partner, tells you the three most common pieces of password advice and practices recommended by security experts. Sure, strong passwords are important, but there are other factors you should be considering (and may not be!).
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We’re trading convenience for safety — take precautions on public WiFi

New research has revealed we're not being safe online—and especially not over public WiFi (even if we know the risks!). Find out what you're probably doing wrong and learn what simple and fast things you can do to protect your identity...but still enjoy that free Internet connection.
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5 common Internet scams to look out for

With the awesome number of people online, scams only need to work a tiny percentage of the time to make the bad guys rich. We’re sure you’re savvy enough to avoid most trouble. But for everyone else you know, here are 5 common scams.
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LastPass password manager hacked: what you should do

LastPass, the password management company, announced today that it was hacked. Don't panic—actual passwords were not stolen. But, some information was taken that could leave you vulnerable. Find out what you need to do to make sure your "password vault" is secure.
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Protect your electronics from lightning

A lightning strike can cause a power surge way above what your house is designed to handle. And, one good zap and your laptop or TV could get fried. Find out how to protect your electronics from lightning (and any other power surge).
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