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5 common Internet scams to look out for

With the awesome number of people online, scams only need to work a tiny percentage of the time to make the bad guys rich. We’re sure you’re savvy enough to avoid most trouble. But for everyone else you know, here are 5 common scams.
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LastPass password manager hacked: what you should do

LastPass, the password management company, announced today that it was hacked. Don't panic—actual passwords were not stolen. But, some information was taken that could leave you vulnerable. Find out what you need to do to make sure your "password vault" is secure.
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Protect your electronics from lightning

A lightning strike can cause a power surge way above what your house is designed to handle. And, one good zap and your laptop or TV could get fried. Find out how to protect your electronics from lightning (and any other power surge).
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Scam: malicious tagging—don’t watch that video!

A scam using something called malicious tagging is making its way around Facebook and other social media sites. The trouble is, it could leave your computer ridden with malware if you aren’t careful.
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How to spot a phishing email scam

Cyber criminals are always looking for ways to try and steal your information. One of their favorites is to send legitimate-looking emails to "phish" for account numbers, or, better yet, payment information. So how can you spot fake emails from the real thing? We show you five ways to spot a scam.
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Spring Clean Your Identity

Have you been neglecting your identity? In the daily hustle and bustle it is easy to let some important identity protecting tasks fall through the cracks. Just like you spring clean your house to get caught up once a year, take some time to spring clean your identity.
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Alert: new email phishing scam

Although it’s April Fools’ Day this is not a joke—we’re getting reports of customers receiving an email that looks like the real thing but is actually a phishing scam. Learn what you should do and get five tips for spotting this kind of scam email.
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Tips for a more secure laptop

When you’ve got work to do on the go, nothing beats a laptop. Are you keeping yours safe? Proper care for your laptop is much more involved than just storing it in a padded case. Try these tips to boost your laptop security and keep your identity safe.
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4 Facebook scams to avoid

Do you know a Facebook scam when you see one? We've got four scams you should keep an eye out for so you can stay connected to your friends...not scam artists.
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Data Privacy Day: safeguard your personal information and digital footprint

Today is International Data Privacy Day. While this might not be a holiday you’ll celebrate “Pinterest style” with a color-coordinated candy buffet or handmade cut-out cookies, it doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, it could be one of the most important holidays of the year.
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