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Full Stream Ahead!

Whether you subscribe to the TDS TV Basic channel package, or the Expanded Plus—there always seems to be multiple things on that you want to watch. But many of us may have found ourselves in a pickle–I want to record too many things at once! Now that problem has been solved because recording options are much more plentiful. If you're on fiber, you can now record and watch four – yes you read that correctly, FOUR high definition combined streams at once (customers on copper lines now get 3 HD!)
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What to expect when you’re expecting (TDS TV)

One question a lot of people have asked me when contemplating adding TDS TV to their home, is how bad is the installation process? It can be daunting just thinking about all the hassle that may occur, but, there are a few things you can do to make your install go that much easier (and maybe even faster!).
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UW Basketball by Richard Hurd

Streaming Madness on TDS TV®

It’s the time of year for the office to be taken over by ten thousand pieces of paper with brackets on them. That’s right, it’s college hoops tournament season. Find out how you can access all the games live with TDS TV.
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Channel request form

Don’t see it? Add it!

Did you know that TDS TV customers can request channels they'd like to see added to the channel lineup? Sure, it can't always happen, but you at least get a vote (and TDS really does take customer feedback into consideration). Find out how to put in your two cents.
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Winning the gold—on your time

Good news! TDS TV is offering access to live coverage of the Sochi games on any Internet-enabled device. If you subscribe to the Expanded or Expanded Plus tiers, you will be able to watch more than 1,500 hours of coverage, including every competition live or through video on demand. Read how to start watching.
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Rest, Fluids, and TDS TV

Being sick is never fun, but the silver lining is that when you're home, you can catch up on your favorite shows. Get some suggestions for some great shows and movies could make being sick a little more fun.
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Lights. Camera. Action!

With high-definition services being so life-like and prevalent, you don’t need the high prices of the theater and the hassle of having travel time to see the latest movies. If you've got a TV at home, you can get virtually the same experience with TDS TV's video-on-demand store. Find out how to order a video and what movies are coming soon.
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What’s Coming Up?

With modern day television subscriptions, it’s very easy to know what’s on at any given time. You can even look… more...
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The need for speed

In addition to being a TDS TV tester, I also get a chance to pilot out some of our other… more...
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A hands-on approach to TDS TV

Being a TDS TV tester, I got a chance to use the product and get familiar with it before I… more...
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