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Fitness and Wellness Inspiration for 2015

Every year, many of us take a wellness assessment through work or through our health care provider. To some this may seem like a just an ordinary task, but to others it can serve as a wake-up call. TDS Data Architect, Sally G., is one of those people and she shares her story in hopes of inspiring you if you're looking to make changes in your wellness and fitness routine (or lack thereof!).
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Seen on Pinterest: Bacon, Ten Ways

Bacon. It’s not just for breakfast anymore. One of the things we’ve learned from spending some serious time on Pinterest?… more...
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tech of holiday past

Weekly tech news roundup for Friday, December 19

This week: subscribe to a "movie a day" service at AMC, Apple Pay is growing quickly, Microsoft's Xim photo-sharing app just got bigger, and Australians are making a bionic bra. Have some fun looking at top tech toys from years past, find out where burned fat really goes, find out what Darwin got really wrong, and enjoy what just might be the geekiest (and best) holiday light show ever.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Justin Timberlake

Some of the most talented singers, songwriters, guitarists over the years put out some amazing music, but when the day is said and done, they just don’t have “it”. In today’s pop world, it seems the less talent, but better look you have, the more likely you are to get pushed to the top. While it may be hard to admit for some, today’s featured artist is the exact opposite of that trend. He’s not only immensely popular, but also potentially one of the most talented guys in show business.
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dapper dog

12 Days of Pinterest Holiday Fun

We have the "12 Days of Christmas" stuck in our heads, and so we bring you this year's next best thing to our lovely recorded voices singing you a song ... the 12 Days of Pinterest Holiday Fun.
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Samsung Gear

Weekly tech news roundup for December 12

This week: virtual reality headsets hit the market, some for $200 and some for $25 or less (and made of cardboard), your shaky camera footage is as good as a fingerprint, and find out out what's streaming in 4K on Amazon Prime. Also, check out some artificial skin that can actually feel, find out which state is rolling out a driver's license mobile app, and more.
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Bek Guero

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Beck

Imagine an artist that makes every album so drastically different, you can put every album release into an entirely different musical category. Today’s featured artist has a very assorted catalog, and the album I’ll highlight fits perfectly in the sea of diversity.
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Guardians of the Galaxy debuts on Video on Demand

The roster of new movies is not large this week, but it contains one of the year’s best - Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Also, watch for the conclusion of several television staples, including “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Newsroom” and “White Collar.”
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Tech news roundup for Friday, December 5

This week: get Girl Scout cookies online (really!), Google's "captchas" are mostly going away, and don't do what Sony Pictures did. Also this week, check out some innovative wireless Christmas lights, find out which video "broke" YouTube's view counter, rent an ugly sweater, and more.
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Lungs_Florence and the Machine

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Florence and the Machine

Once in a great while you hear a new artist—and instantly you know they’re going to be a success. Sometimes you can’t put a finger on why; maybe they have a great voice, unparalleled songwriting or maybe a sound totally unique to the era. I’ve seen many up-and-coming bands never quite reach the top, but that certainly isn’t the case for today’s featured artist as I’m not sure you’ll find a better vocalist out there.
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