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Austin and Eric are “friendly testers” for TDS TV. They’re both TDS employees who volunteered to be guinea pigs try our newest product and put it through its paces in their homes. They’re not getting paid to use TDS TV or share their opinions, but they’ve offered to share their honest insights here. Austin: I’m a technology nut with a deep rooted passion for sports. Being able to watch every game for the teams I root for is essential. When I heard about TDS TV at the office, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to volunteer to test it out. Whether it’s a new set-top box, interface, or channels, I’ll be testing them and providing my honest feedback. Eric: I’m a sports geek and a techie nerd. I play/watch just about every sport and I love to mess around with electronic gadgets. At TDS I have experienced everything from dial-up Internet to a super high-speed connection and have tested products before. My wife is sort of a TV co-tester since we watch most of the shows we record together. I think it’s pretty cool I get to share my TDS TV experiences here!
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Watch ESPN

Sports and family programming … everywhere!

Watching live sports and family favorites just got easier. TDS TV now offers all of the Disney and ESPN networks on the go! Find out how to catch all the action.
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04 List of Messages_smudge_sm

On-Screen Voice Mail

Technology keeps changing to make our lives easier. Being able to check messages through the TV is just another small thing to enhance your home communication experience. And when things like this keep getting added, and for free, life just keeps getting better.
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SEC Network


You don’t have to live in the heart of Tuscaloosa to know that SEC sports are big in the south. As a die-hard UW Badger fan, I’ve heard all the rumblings how we in the north don’t know much about football. And the proof seems to be on the scoreboard – the schools south of the Mason Dixon line win NCAA championships.
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Are you ready for some football?

Football season is here! Well, okay – it’s really a month away yet. But it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to watch your favorite team play, and how you’ll plan on watching those games. In the past, you huddled around your TV whenever your team was scheduled. Well, no more, TDS TV has added NFL Network and NFL RedZone to their TDS TV Everywhere programming.
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Adding Choices

It’s a new day, and that means new shows to watch and more channels to navigate through. Needless to say, my attention was grabbed with TDS TV’s announcement to add the Viacom family to the list of TV Everywhere content. I was even more excited to see a couple of my favorite channels and shows were part of that grouping.
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Log in, load, enjoy. Anywhere.

TDS TV is now available anywhere. I didn’t get a chance to test the new content, so naturally I was excited to dive in this week to see what all the fuss was about.
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Swift action, happy customers

You may have read my recent blog about installations, and truth be told, some of that experience was from my initial install back in 2012, and some was from talking with other customers who have ordered TDS TV in the last six months. But behind the scenes, I had been building a new house since February and TDS was scheduled and all set to install my services on April 30th. Or so we all thought…
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Full Stream Ahead!

Whether you subscribe to the TDS TV Basic channel package, or the Expanded Plus—there always seems to be multiple things on that you want to watch. But many of us may have found ourselves in a pickle–I want to record too many things at once! Now that problem has been solved because recording options are much more plentiful. If you're on fiber, you can now record and watch four – yes you read that correctly, FOUR high definition combined streams at once (customers on copper lines now get 3 HD!)
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install checklist cropped

What to expect when you’re expecting (TDS TV)

One question a lot of people have asked me when contemplating adding TDS TV to their home, is how bad is the installation process? It can be daunting just thinking about all the hassle that may occur, but, there are a few things you can do to make your install go that much easier (and maybe even faster!).
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UW Basketball by Richard Hurd

Streaming Madness on TDS TV®

It’s the time of year for the office to be taken over by ten thousand pieces of paper with brackets on them. That’s right, it’s college hoops tournament season. Find out how you can access all the games live with TDS TV.
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