Watch ESPNIt’s probably well documented that I love sports. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, college, professional…heck, I even recently watched the world series of darts on ESPN. If the television is on in my house, 75% of the time it’s probably sports related. But therein was a small problem for me—other than going to an actual game, the only place watch live sports was at home on my TV.

Enter a new day, thanks to WatchESPN on TDS TV. Now, if for some reason I’m forced to be away from my home during Wisconsin Badger basketball, I can catch it on the road –live–from any device with Internet. I even had an instance recently where I was physically at the Wisconsin Badger basketball game but the Badger women’s volleyball team was playing in the NCAA tournament at the same time. What was a fella to do? Easy. One eye watching hoops, the other eye trained on my phone streaming the volleyball game from the WatchESPN app. Glorious.

No matter what channel your desired game is on, you’ll have access to it on the go. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, ESPNews, SEC Network–they’re all covered. As long as you have the proper TV package to get those channels at home, you’ll have them on the go. Note: because ABC and ESPN are both owned by Disney, games you’d watch on your TV by tuning to ABC, in my experience, always appear on the WatchESPN app for mobile streaming.

DisneyChannels-iPad-lgIf sports aren’t as much your thing, all the Disney-owned “Watch” channels have been added to the TV Everywhere line up. WatchABC, WatchABCFamily, WatchDisney, WatchDisneyJunior, and WatchDisneyXD are all now part of the family. If your kiddos prefer Nickelodeon shows, Nick Jr. is ready for streaming some Dora, Bubble Guppies, and more. If you’re planning a long family road trip with the kids, having these shows on the go can be a true lifesaver (but just make you’re traveling in the states—most, if not all, of the programming is blocked once you leave the U.S.).

As always, taking advantage of these features is very easy. Here’s how:

    1. Go to to access all the TV Everywhere content, or download the corresponding channel app (if there is one).
    2. Click the program you want to watch.
    3. Enter your TDS username and password to authenticate that you have access to the content.
    Some shows may not require authentication as they’re free for everyone, but being logged in continuously won’t hinder your experience (and will save you from re-entering your password again later).

I was up in Lambeau Field recently watching the Pack take down the Cowboys. I was just as excited for coming home after a nice victory as I was streaming the Badger hoops game on my iPad or Galaxy 5 phone using these exciting features from TDS TV. Life is good.



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  1. My Phillips 55 inch continue to buffer a lot when I try to use netflix

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