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hbo_go_logo_featureLast week TDS announced that TDS TV is now available anywhere. I didn’t get a chance to test the new content, so naturally I was excited to dive in this week to see what all the fuss was about.

I recently took a trip out west and stayed somewhere that television wasn’t available in my room. Shocking—but places like that still exist apparently. I had plenty of high-speed Internet access, but sometimes I just like to flip through the channels and doze off at night. Before, my only option would be to watch a movie I had loaded on my device or the same seasons of television. Not anymore.

With this new addition to the already robust TDS TV product line, I am now able to catch up on the shows I like at a moment’s notice. For example, sometimes I like to watch Big Bang Theory before bed, and other days I like to watch Conan on TBS and see if I can stay awake past the first guest. I was very happy to see TBS was one of the channels on the list, and I could queue up the latest episodes of Conan simply by going to, selecting TV & Movies, and logging in with my email address. And since TBS shows all the reruns of Big Bang Theory, all those episodes are available through the portal as well.

While not all the channels you subscribe to are available quite yet, there are many to choose from. History, Hallmark, CNBC, E!, Esquire, TNT, USA… the list goes on and on. Click on the network you want to watch, find the program you’re looking for and click the episode you left off on.

And this just in, HBO GO and MAX Go (Cinemax) are now available to our premium subscribers. As an HBO subscriber, I immediately downloaded the HBO GO app on my iPad. From there, logged in using my account information and started watching movies and series right away. If you need to catch up on Game of Thrones or want to check out the premiere of The Counselor this Saturday, it’s all there and ready at the touch of a tablet button.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can also catch up on movies through the TDS TV menu as well. I clicked on a movie to watch and said the movie was available via Amazon Instant Video or Netflix. If you click the Netflix option, you can log in to your Netflix account and watch it. If you click an Amazon selection, it offers a chance to rent it. So, the new portal really is a one-stop shop! That’s very convenient.

Why should you have to wait until you get home to catch up on your favorite shows? If you DVR Conan, you don’t have to wait until you get home to watch it on your DVR. You can just load up the most recent episode through the portal and you can watch it wherever. You’re not tied to live TV, and you’re not tied to your DVR box at home. Please check out the instructions blog to see how it’s done.


About TVTesters

Austin and Eric are “friendly testers” for TDS TV. They’re both TDS employees who volunteered to be guinea pigs try our newest product and put it through its paces in their homes. They’re not getting paid to use TDS TV or share their opinions, but they’ve offered to share their honest insights here. Austin: I’m a technology nut with a deep rooted passion for sports. Being able to watch every game for the teams I root for is essential. When I heard about TDS TV at the office, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to volunteer to test it out. Whether it’s a new set-top box, interface, or channels, I’ll be testing them and providing my honest feedback. Eric: I’m a sports geek and a techie nerd. I play/watch just about every sport and I love to mess around with electronic gadgets. At TDS I have experienced everything from dial-up Internet to a super high-speed connection and have tested products before. My wife is sort of a TV co-tester since we watch most of the shows we record together. I think it’s pretty cool I get to share my TDS TV experiences here!

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