TDS TV EBy now, you are all probably familiar with the TDS TV Everywhere concept. You’ve probably even checked it out, and watched a few of your favorite shows on the go. I know the other day when I missed a funny interview with Michael Strahan, it was easy to load up Watch TBS and check it out.

But that’s old hat. I’ve talked about that before here.

It’s a new day, and that means new shows to watch and more channels to navigate through. Needless to say, my attention was grabbed with TDS TV’s announcement to add the Viacom family to the list of TV Everywhere content. I was even more excited to see a couple of my favorite channels and shows were part of that grouping.

When you add it up, 10 more channels were added to an already robust offering. MTV, MTV2, BET, VH1, Nick, Nick Jr, Comedy Central, CMT, Spike and Logo are the latest go join the party. Sign in is just as easy as before – with content ready at a couple clicks of a button.

I immediately gravitated toward Comedy Central – hit sign in, selected TDS from the provider screen and typed in my email and password. All set. From there, I hit ‘Shows’ from the menu bar and was reminded about all the funny stuff that Comedy Central has to offer. Whether you’re a Daily Show/Colbert Report fan, can’t get enough hilarious commentary on YouTube videos from Daniel Tosh or enjoy sketch comedy brought to you by Key and Peele – it’s all there for you. Heck, maybe you even want to kick it old school and load up some South Park. It’s all good.

While part of me wishes I could load up Music Television’s on-demand site and, you know, actually watch music – that’s neither here nor there. Teen Mom, Catfish, True Life and all the other programming has its market and popularity (even if it’s lost on a grumpy old man like me).

I digress.

Keep checking the TV & Movies tab on your TDS webpage. Channels, movies, shows – everything keeps changing and it keeps on getting better. Everywhere.


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