Channel request formA few weeks ago I talked about what you can watch when you’re having a sick day. In similar fashion, sometimes you have a Sunday afternoon where you quite simply don’t feel like doing anything. And if you’re in pretty much any part of the country right now – it’s cold. Nothing sounds better than curling up in a blanket and watching some television. In Wisconsin, it’s been below freezing for what seems like the last decade, and motivation, along with productivity, has been at an all-time low.

I think we’ve all been there, where you spend 25 minutes flipping through channels to find something you want to watch…only to find it and realize there’s only five minutes left, and you have to start the process all over again. Being a sports nut, it helps that with the Expanded Plus package, I have what seems to be an infinite amount of sports channels, in which one of the four ESPN’s has to be airing an episode of Sportscenter again. I can rest easy knowing I have that “go to” station.

For some of you though, that channel may have existed with a previous provider, but maybe TDS TV doesn’t have it yet (you can check our channel lineups here). When I first became a test customer WAY back in August of 2012, I found myself facing a similar conundrum. The Wisconsin Badger football team was set to play a game on FX. I checked the listings, nothing. Would I have to watch the game at a bar? Maybe the overly superstitious friend’s house where I’d have to wear red beads and a Badger scarf from the 1960’s? I was very happy to know I could make a channel request, and TDS would look at it and consider my vote.

Any of us subscribers can put in a channel request here. Sure, I know there isn’t always enough demand to make all requests happen, but it’s nice to know they at least make an effort to prioritize the requests and add the stations we want. I feel as a customer, the addition of the NBC Olympics On Demand is a great step forward as well. Now, all I’m missing is ESPN3 and the NCAA App log ins.

No matter what your favorites are, if you don’t see it, request it. Hopefully, over time, all the content you want to see will be there waiting for your lazy Sunday.


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