Rest, Fluids, and TDS TV

It’s that time of year. No one wants to talk about it, but everyone keeps an eye on the fella in the corner who keeps coughing all day. It seems if you’re in the office or have kids at daycare, one person gets bit by the flu bug or some kind of nasty cold. Then, one-by-one, everyone else who was around them gets it too. It’s never fun, but I like to find the silver lining in things. And if I’m going to feel miserable, I might as well catch up on my favorite things on TDS TV.

If you’re able to start your day by 10am, you can’t go wrong with catching the classic TV show Price is Right. Maybe it isn’t quite the same without Bob Barker as the host, but Drew Carey does a decent enough job, and the games are still the same. If you’re really lucky, you’ll catch someone playing Plinko or spinning $1.00 on the wheel.

If live TV isn’t your scene, there are always plenty of things to catch up on with your Connected-Home DVR. I’ll list out a couple shows that I really enjoy, and maybe you should give them a record (just in case) and give them a whirl too:

sick day 5Counting Cars—I think at this point, everyone knows about Pawn Stars on History (TDS TV Channel 1248 HD, every Thursday at 8pm CT). But maybe you haven’t heard of the spinoff show called Counting Cars that airs on the same channel on Tuesday’s at 8pm CT. It chronicles a car junky named Danny who owns his own classic car restoration shop in Vegas. He typically goes around town trying to find old beat up classics to restore and flip for a profit. He’ll also take in the occasional walk in customer who simply has to have that car from their childhood. It’s a great show for car enthusiasts.

Shark Tank—Another program I don’t hear a lot of people talk about is Shark Tank, which airs on ABC (TDS TV channel 1027 HD, every Friday at 8pm CT). It follows entrepreneurs from all walks of life that are in need of a little financial backing to keep their idea up and running. Five “shark” investors form a panel and they decide if the pitched products or services are worth investing in. Even if you’re not a weirdo business nut like me, it’s a really neat way to learn about some of the new products that are out there. I’ve found a couple cleaning products I buy from the show as well as a way to get fresh Maine lobster delivered to your door.

Arrested Development, Orange Is the New Black, or Breaking Bad—Lastly, you can use that great TDS high-speed internet connection and pull up something on Netflix. While I’m a homer for Arrested Development, I’m hearing great things about Orange Is the New Black. You could also run through a show like Breaking Bad start to finish – or catch yourself up on the finale.

If you subscribe to any premium channels, you can always watch a recorded movie as well. Iron Man 3 recently debuted on Starz and This Is The End is about to premiere this weekend (also on Starz).

I got a fever and the only prescription is…more TDS TV!


About TVTesters

Austin and Eric are “friendly testers” for TDS TV. They’re both TDS employees who volunteered to be guinea pigs try our newest product and put it through its paces in their homes. They’re not getting paid to use TDS TV or share their opinions, but they’ve offered to share their honest insights here. Austin: I’m a technology nut with a deep rooted passion for sports. Being able to watch every game for the teams I root for is essential. When I heard about TDS TV at the office, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to volunteer to test it out. Whether it’s a new set-top box, interface, or channels, I’ll be testing them and providing my honest feedback. Eric: I’m a sports geek and a techie nerd. I play/watch just about every sport and I love to mess around with electronic gadgets. At TDS I have experienced everything from dial-up Internet to a super high-speed connection and have tested products before. My wife is sort of a TV co-tester since we watch most of the shows we record together. I think it’s pretty cool I get to share my TDS TV experiences here!


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