SEC NetworkYou don’t have to live in the heart of Tuscaloosa to know that SEC sports are big in the south. As a die-hard UW Badger fan, I’ve heard all the rumblings how we in the north don’t know much about football. And the proof seems to be on the scoreboard – the schools south of the Mason Dixon line win NCAA championships.

TDS TV currently has customers in Georgia and Tennessee and both states that have a vested interest in the new SEC Network. I’ve seen many Facebook posts from those folks asking if and when the network would be available through TDS. I’ve even seen people discuss leaving their current provider if SEC Network wasn’t available before football season starts – now THAT’S dedication! Well no fear everyone, it’s now ready to roll.

If you’re in the aforementioned southern states, you will get the network included in the Expanded tier of programming. If you’re in any other TDS TV operating states, it will be part of the Expanded Plus tier. In either case, it will be located at channel 1632 in HD (632 in standard definition).

The launch went live at 5 p.m. yesterday and a I know people will be very excited. I have a feeling the content will be similar to the Big Ten Network, which has a lot of creative programming. You can catch the latest news on your favorite team, watch live sports, catch that big game your team won back in 2008 and watch debates on who was the best SEC running back of all time (for my money, you can’t beat Herschel Walker – but if you said Bo Jackson, I’d give you a high five).

If you’ve caught any of the ESPN, “SEC Storied” documentaries recently, those will be featured on the network as well. As someone who didn’t know much about them, The Book of Manning documentary was one of the best stories I’ve seen in a long time. If the other SEC Storied features are as well done as the Manning episode (all the ESPN 30 for 30, series for that matter), I will definitely be recording them.

I’m not sure how the Vols will do this year, but I’m sure hoping to give their title chances a boost when the Badgers take down those pesky Tigers in Houston later this month. And if somehow that fails, I’ll rest on taking down Florida in basketball later this year.

Happy SEC-ing!


About TVTesters

Austin and Eric are “friendly testers” for TDS TV. They’re both TDS employees who volunteered to be guinea pigs try our newest product and put it through its paces in their homes. They’re not getting paid to use TDS TV or share their opinions, but they’ve offered to share their honest insights here. Austin: I’m a technology nut with a deep rooted passion for sports. Being able to watch every game for the teams I root for is essential. When I heard about TDS TV at the office, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to volunteer to test it out. Whether it’s a new set-top box, interface, or channels, I’ll be testing them and providing my honest feedback. Eric: I’m a sports geek and a techie nerd. I play/watch just about every sport and I love to mess around with electronic gadgets. At TDS I have experienced everything from dial-up Internet to a super high-speed connection and have tested products before. My wife is sort of a TV co-tester since we watch most of the shows we record together. I think it’s pretty cool I get to share my TDS TV experiences here!


5 Responses to SEC! SEC!! SEC!!!

  1. ScottA August 15, 2014 at 11:25 am #

    Hi, we have expanded plus in Farragut, TN. I just checked and I did not see 632 or 1632 as options. I reset the system and they were listed. Thanks.

  2. Marc Taylor, Farragut, TN November 3, 2014 at 10:48 am #

    What about SEC ESPN Network Plus (“+”)? TDS is not listed among the many providers in our area such as Charter and Comcast. We just installed TDS TV and were expecting to get and activation key for this source.


    • ScottA November 3, 2014 at 11:32 am #

      It is listed as SECALT (SEC Alternate). It is 1633 (HD) and 633 (SD).

  3. Joyce wilkerson November 5, 2016 at 1:57 pm #

    Will we get to watch tenn verses tenn tech on sec alternate

    • Missy Kellor November 7, 2016 at 8:41 am #

      Joyce, I wouldn’t know without looking (sorry, I really don’t follow sports [at all]). Here’s a link to the SEC schedule:

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