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Cookie platter

Bake with Melynn, the final reveal!

Monday was good day here at TDS because Melynn brought in her cookie platter—and not only did she bring one to work, she also sent one with her husband. We've got photos of the final platter of goodies she shared with her team (plus some reviews of my favorites).
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Bake with Melynn part 4: Eggnog Fudge and Chocolate Filled Russian Tea Cakes

Melynn has pretty much finished her holiday baking now (even though I haven’t even started!). Her gorgeous and yummy cookie and treat platter will be at work on Monday, so we’ll be sure to share photos. In the meantime, Melynn was willing to share two more holiday recipes with us.
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Melynn Peanut Blossoms

Bake with Melynn, part 3: Peanut Blossoms, Melting Moments, and Pretzel Turtles (oh my!)

If you’ve been following along, Melynn, TDS’ employee and “Baking Goddess” is making 24 different kinds of holiday treats this year. By following her technique , you can too—and she’s even sharing some of her most popular recipes along the way. This week she's giving you her recipes for Peanut Blossoms, Melting Moments, and Pretzel Turtles.
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salted carmel pretzel bark

Make 20-30 different holiday treats this year—bake with Melynn

Last year we shared Melynn’s technique for baking an amazing number of cookies for the holidays. Each holiday she makes 20-30 different kinds! How does she do it (and still sleep?), by planning ahead and starting early. She'll be starting her cookie prep this weekend and there's still time to follow along and have 24 different cookies by December 9th (just in time for cookie exchanges, and sharing at work and parties). Plus, Melynn shares a new recipe she's going to try for Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark.
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13 Mother’s Day gift ideas for any mom and any budget

There’s just ten shopping days left until Mother’s Day, but no worries—I, along with my other mom friends, have you covered. Together we brainstormed ideas for great gifts (seriously, this this all stuff one or more of us would like to get!). Prices range from zero dollars all the way to $290, so there’s sure to be something that will fit your budget and her wishes. Hint: what she wants most is probably a day off!
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Star Wars Oranges_NME Magazine_exSM

Things you can do other than see the new Star Wars movie

Even if you ARE a Star Wars fan, you could be experiencing what my husband is calling “Star Wars fatigue.” If you’re burnt out, simply don’t give a crap about Star Wars, didn’t buy your tickets for Friday’s release a month ago, or you simply plan on waiting until the theaters will be less packed (you know, in March or April), you might be looking for a bit of a distraction this weekend. As it happens, I’ve got some ideas for you :-):
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taste of home ribs

What to cook July 4th weekend

It’s the 4th of July weekend…what are you going to cook? Melynn, TDS’ own resident foodie and kitchen Goddess has a full menu of ideas planned out for you.
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joanna basford

Mother’s Day gift ideas: by moms, for moms

Who better to ask for Mother's Day ideas than an actual mom? As it happens, I am a mom…and so are about half of my friends. I asked them what they’d like most for Mother’s Day and have gathered all of our fantastic, these-are-things-actually-want, gift ideas into one spot.
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Grill out (or in) for July 4th dinner

What are you making for 4th of July dinner? To me, it's a grilling kind of holiday again so I'll be making lamb kofta with homemade tzatziki sauce. If that's not what you're into, I've got a recommendation for the best burger recipe I've tried in a long while, plus a picnic-friendly dessert bar that is one of my favorites for summer!
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What to cook Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day means grilling in my house, which is why I recommend making Lemon Chicken Skewers with a Cool Avacado Sauce for dipping. After all, kabobs are always fun, right? (well, more fun than just a whole chicken breast grilled). They are quite easy and they come out really tender with lots of great flavor!
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