Bake with Melynn, the final reveal!

Monday was good day here at TDS because Melynn brought in her cookie platter (and not only did she bring one to work, she also sent one equally large to her husband’s office).

As you can see, pretty much every variety of cookie is represented (yay!). I made up my own plate and here’s what I munched on over the course of the day (don’t judge):

    Potato Chip Cookie
    Melting Moment
    Peanut Butter Pretzel Ball
    Cookie Dough Truffle
    Chocolate-filled Russian Tea Cake
    Pretzel Bark
    Pretzel Turtle
    And a Peanut Blossom

cookies with labels

I’ve got to say, they were all really tasty. Melynn wasn’t entirely pleased with the texture on the base of the Pretzel Bark, a recipe she tried out for the first time this year. I thought it was good and I told her I’d be happy to take any leftovers off her hands :-).

My absolute favorite was the Melting Moment—where have those been all my life? It really did melt in my mouth and the frosting was just the perfect amount of sweet on top. I also liked the Potato Chip Cookie which didn’t taste chippy, but was a nice, crispy cookie. And finally, the Cookie Dough Truffle was as good as you might expect. Hopefully we can get Melynn to share that recipe with us next year!

And, in case you missed them, here are the previous Bake with Melynn posts:

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