Even if you ARE a Star Wars fan, you could be experiencing what my husband is calling “Star Wars fatigue.”

Merchandise is everywhere (like, for real [fruit—really?]), every other TV commercial has something to do with the force, and all your friends can’t stop talking about it on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re burnt out, simply don’t give a crap about Star Wars, didn’t buy your tickets for Friday’s release a month ago, or you simply plan on waiting until the theaters will be less packed (you know, in March or April), you might be looking for a bit of a distraction this weekend. As it happens, I’ve got some ideas for you :-):

    1. Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP_Miguel VieiraEnjoy our own planet. Hoth, Tatooine, Endor—all of those interesting planets/forest moons were filmed right here on Earth. Why not get out and enjoy your little corner of it? Head to a state park, or heck, if you’re close enough, head to a national one. Here’s a listing of state parks for every state and here’s one for the national parks. You’ll feel the Force as you connect with nature…or just enjoy being away from the Star Wars hype. (Image: Flickr user Miguel Vieira)
    1. Do some Legos. I don’t know anyone who can resist Legos—they’re just too irresistible and satisfying. Indulge your inner child (or actual child) with a set, whether it’s Star Wars related or not. How about a working crane? Or the Trevi Fountain? If you choose a force-themed build, a friend reports the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium is good (the wings really fold!). Or you could go all out and do the Death Star—that one should keep you plenty busy until the theaters are emptier.

Spotlight movie poster

  • Watch a different winner. The early reviews of The Force Awakens are, admittedly, quite awesome (thank goodness, because I’m still scarred from The Phantom Menace), but you could go see a different, equally well-reviewed movie. With the Golden Globe nominations out, there are many worthy films to catch. Head to the theater to watch “Spotlight,” or avoiding crowds is more your bag, rent “Mad Max: Fury Road” or “Trainwreck,” and watch at home. Don’t forget the nominated TV shows too, perfect for some binge watching. Really want sci-fi? If you haven’t watched Joss Wedon’s Firefly, you cannot call yourself a nerd.




  • Be a tourist in your own town. Head to a museum and/or your favorite local tourist attraction. Whether it’s an art museum, the world’s largest ear of corn, or the best local ice cream shop in the tri-state area, don’t let visitors have all the fun. Taking a few hours to enjoy the unique things that are special about your community can be an awesome way to slow down and spend some pre-holiday time.


  • Tour holiday lights. Forget lightsabers—there are ALWAYS a few houses that go all out with their outdoor light displays. Load the kids and/or pet-kids in the car and go take a gander. Often, local media will have a listing of the best ones (such as this one for the Madison, Wis. area, or and another for New England) but there are some general lists online as well, such as one at Redfin.com. Free fun is always good! (Image: Flicker user vsmoothe





  • Pre-order your Force Awakens tickets. Sure, you didn’t get them for THIS weekend, but you can plan ahead and make sure you’ve got them in hand for a few days/weeks from now. Head to Fandango and you can reserve some seats for your favorite theater (also note: Sherlock, The Abominable Bride comes out January 5. Just throwin’ it out there J).




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