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Missy works on the Corporate Communications team and reports stories to TDS employees and customers. This is right up her alley because she’s an extrovert and also a big fan of research (really, she’ll look up just about anything that strikes her interest). Missy is a native of Madison, Wis. with an undergraduate in Anthropology and a master’s degree in Life Sciences Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her interest in the Internet as a mass media shaped her work towards a PhD in Journalism and Mass Communications. She’s also worked as an editorial assistant, copywriter, and production artist. In her off hours, Missy is a crafter, Pinterest addict, reader, wife, and mom of two kids. You can find Missy on G+ and on Twitter.
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Lafayette, Indiana customers: new Fox affiliate launching on TDS TV

WPBI, the new local Fox Network affiliate station, is coming to TDS TV!
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Weekly tech news roundup

This week: brush up on your Starbucks lingo because their new app will take voice orders soon, check out Boeing's new (and very blue) spacesuit, and you've got to check out a new Kickstarter that is a smartphone case and drone in one!
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new portal

Check out the all-new TDS.net

TDS.net is getting a new look! Soon, when you visit, you’ll certainly notice it’s fresh, clean design. And the good… more...
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INSP coming to TDS TV, Cloo shutting down

We have some good news and some bad news, TDS TV customers. INSP is coming February 8, but Cloo is being shut down by NBCUniversal effective February 1.
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cordless telephone_cropped

Phone scam: whatever you do, don’t say “yes”

Reports of a new phone scheme have been hitting media outlets (including USA Today and CBS News) for the last few days. It’s being coined the “Can you hear me?” scam and it may take only one word to fall for it. We have what you need to know.
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best books 2016

Books: the best from the “Best Of 2016” lists

We looked at Goodreads, The New York Times, NPR, The Chicago Tribune, Vulture, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Publishers Weekly. After comparing their picks, we pulled out six books that made it on multiple lists, making them the cream of the crop
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Weekly tech news roundup: CES edition

The Consumer Electronics Show (otherwise known as CES) is half over! Reminder: that’s the global tradeshow where companies come to unveil their new electronic gizmos big and small (and occasionally also strange). With all the reveals, today’s roundup is devoted to highlights from the show.
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WJXT update for St. Marys TDS TV customers

St. Marys TDS TV® customers, as you know from our previous communications with you, we have been unable to reach an agreement with WJXT to carry channel 4 at a fair price. We want to be really transparent as to why this channel is now dark: WJXT is asking for a 47 percent rate hike.
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Fox isn’t going anywhere, TDS TV customers

Good news, TDS TV customers—your Fox channels aren’t going anywhere.
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Agreement could not be reached with WJXT in St. Marys, Georgia

TDS® is no longer allowed to broadcast WJXT (channel 4). After several weeks of contract negotiations that ultimately did not lead to an agreement, TDS' contract with WJXT expired at midnight, December 31, 2016.
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