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No fooling! You get a free month of World Fishing Network

There’s something FINtastic about the World Fishing Network and, starting today, you can reel in a free month of viewing! Find out more about all of the great shows you can catch.
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FTC consumer alert: Cybersecurity advice to protect your connected devices and accounts

Our devices store a lot of personal information, so it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to make sure your computer, phone, and other connected devices are protected. The FTC offers their tips.
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Spring sun outages could impact your video signal

Twice a year, all television customers (not just TDS TV customers) may experience some degree of television interference due to sun outages. This spring, the solar satellite interference is expected from about February 25 until March 12. What are sun outages? Click to read more.
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NFTs for Beginners

NFTs are increasing in popularity, and articles about investors becoming rich from NFTs are becoming more frequent. But what is… more...
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family TV

Love is in the air: Valentine’s Day movies for everyone and anyone

Grab your family and enjoy these Valentine’s Day themed movies centered around the language of love.
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Identity theft awareness week_square_sm

FTC: Welcome to Identity Theft Awareness Week 2022

Today the Federal Trace Commission (FTC) is kicking off Identity Theft Awareness Week 2022. Identity thieves have been busier than ever during the pandemic, with scammers and identity thieves after people’s information to apply for credit, unemployment benefits, file taxes, buy things, or get medical services. But there are some things you can do to protect yourself, and this week, you’ll learn how.
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Enchilada Dip

10 recipes that will score at the big game

It’s that time of year again, friends. It’s time for the biggest football game of the year. Whether you watch… more...
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pexels-george-milton-winer reading

Ultimate winter reading guide

With another winter storm predicted in the South and East this week and cold temperatures expected for the Midwest, it’s a great time to settle in and pick up a new novel. From romance to historical fiction, here’s what TDS associates recommend:
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FTC: New crypto payment scam alert

There's a new spin on scammers asking people to pay with cryptocurrency. It involves an impersonator, a QR code, and a trip to a store. The FTC shares what to look out for:
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health tech gadget composit

8 new health tech gadgets for 2022

Lots of us decide to turn over a new leaf in the new year—and sometimes a little technology can help make that easier. Whether already released or soon to be, keep a look out for all these new health tech gadgets.
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