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10 cakes perfect for your spring/Easter table: Seen on Pinterest

These fruit-forward and lightened-up cakes and pies are making us ready for spring. (After all, ham doesn't need to be the star of the Easter dinner if you don't want it to be!)
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Make-ahead breakfasts perfect for busy weekdays: Seen on Pinterest

We're fully immersed in the school year and work is in full swing as we gear up for the busy end-of-year ... so it's easy to fall behind on our healthy breakfast routines. But save the time (and the cash) of a run through the Starbucks drive-through with these healthy make ahead breakfast treats from this week's Seen on Pinterest.
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Seen on Pinterest: Easy Filling (Yet Healthy) Fall Side Dishes

As the leaves fall and temperatures get cooler, we turn to warmer, heartier dishes to find comfort. But comfort food doesn’t always have to mean carbs, carbs, carbs. These veggie-focused side dishes use the bounty of the season to create filling, yet not fattening, side dishes for this week’s Seen on Pinterest.
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Seen on Pinterest: 15 Peanut Butter Treats to Satisfy Your Craving

It's back to school time, which has left us craving some old school PB&J pretty hard. But let's be real - peanut butter isn't just for kids. It's a decadent spread that forms a staple of our diet. Whether your nutty cravings are sweet or savory, we've got options perfect for you in this week's Seen on Pinterest.
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Seen on Pinterest: Super Bowl-Worthy Snacks

The big game is coming—and even if you can't cheer your favorite team, we'll still be ready to celebrate come Sunday. Whether you're in it for the ads or the halftime show or the game itself, one thing's for sure: great food makes any Superbowl party better. We've pulled together 10 amazing snack recipes perfect for munching while you enjoy the game (and/or the ads :-) ).
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Seen on Pinterest: 10 Warm-You-Up Winter Soup Recipes

This week's Seen on Pinterest highlights 10 filling, yet simple-to-make winter soups that can help banish bloat as well as keep you full, warm and satisfied all winter long. Best of all? Many of these dishes can even be prepped in a crockpot, letting you wake up to something delicious for a work lunch or leaving you with extra free time for holiday shopping and more.
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Seen on Pinterest: 10 Great Pumpkin Treats

It's no longer "Pumpkin Season," where children gleefully carve jack o'lanterns under mom and dad's watchful eyes, and Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin" makes its annual television appearance. It's now the season of "Pumpkin Spice." We've gathered lots of awesome pumpkin (with or without spice) recipes for the season!
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Seen on Pinterest: Creative School Lunches for Every Palate

It's hard to believe that we're almost ready for Back to School time! While it's sad to say goodbye to long, lazy summer days, that doesn't mean that going back to the "regular old routine" needs to be same old, same old. We've found four bloggers that have rounded up hundreds of lunch ideas perfect for your little one or your office. All you need is a little adventure and a bit of planning and you're good to go.
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Seen on Pinterest: Sangria, Six Ways

Sangria - that refreshing fruit and wine combo that makes our summer seem, well, summery. The perfect party beverage, Sangria is best when pre-prepped the night before to let flavors meld and is an excellent use for plentiful summer fruits. For a lighter treat, top with club soda (or help stretch out a batch when unexpected guests arrive).
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Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Seen on Pinterest: Chocolate Decadence, Oh My

February, thanks to both Mardis Gras and Valentine's Day, gives us multiple excuses to indulge in some decadent chocolate desserts (and hey, it's not swim suit season yet!). We've pulled together twelve different, and equally yummy looking, recipes you'll want to try.
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