It’s back to school time, which has left us craving some old school PB&J pretty hard. But let’s be real – peanut butter isn’t just for kids. It’s a decadent spread that forms a staple of our diet. Whether your nutty cravings are sweet or savory, we’ve got options perfect for you in this week’s Seen on Pinterest. If you have an allergy—we’re sorry! You can sub almost butter, cashew butter, speculoos (cookie butter), or even nutella into many of the sweet recipes, and the other nut butters into the savory, for a similar taste.

For some recipes, plain Jif or Skippy works best. For others, you may want to try the natural (no sugar added) kind. We also love Earth Balance Coconut Oil Peanut Butter for a nice mix between the two—it has the texture and flavor of the kind you grew up eating, but has sugar levels a bit more like the natural kinds, and it doesn’t leave an oily residue on your hands.



This peanut butter birthday cake (adapted from one of my faves, the Joy the Baker Cookbook, is a staple for my husband’s birthday).


Apples and peanut butter are a classic after school snack, but add peanut butter to a flaky tart crust topping and you get an elevated twist on a classic dish.


We make this slow cooker thai peanut chicken at least once a month—it’s super simple and meant for lettuce wraps, but we love the leftovers as a topping for a Thai peanut pizza too.

peanutbutter hotchocolate

Peanut butter hot chocolate is everything we want as we roll towards cold weather.


Spicy beef gets its nutty garnish from our favorite – peanuts. It’s simple and delish.


These peanut butter chocolate chip bars are like brownies, but not—they’re one of our party go-tos.


Tea time (or breakfast) is always better with peanut butter. These PB+Chocolate Chip Scones are our favorite.



This cookie pie always reminds us of childhood birthday parties – but nobody has ever told us they are “too grown up” to have a piece.


These peanut butter sandwich cookies are great for a holiday cookie swap because they stay moist for a few days, thanks to the icing in-between two fluffy cookies.



Peanut butter + apples + banana bread = perfection.


These classic cookies were a staple growing up—Reese’s center and all.



Peanut butter is a staple in Thai cooking, like these delish spicy soba noodles.


These peanut butter pretzel energy bites are a perfect afternoon snack.


Jazz up your regular recipe for blondies with these gooey peanut butter versions.


Your four-legged friends love peanut butter too. Try these simple dog treats and we guarantee you’ll get extra kisses. Tip: use natural peanut butter—less sugar is better for dogs.


Featured image courtesy of PiccoloNamek.

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