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Cleaning your computer: The inside

Yesterday we told how to de-grime your computer and get the outside clean, but chances are it could use some virtual cleaning as well. We have gathered some best practices from across the web to help you get (or regain) control and stay in control over your files and your information (and probably even save you some hard drive space, to boot!)
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Cleaning your computer: The outside

If your screen is smudgy (no, that’s not a bad pixel—it’s piece of dirt), your mouse is misbehaving, and your keyboard has enough crumbs in it to make a decent snack, odds are that your computer could use some love. We’ve gathered all the information you need to get your computer in shipshape, going from the outside in.
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Watch out for tax identity theft and tax-related phone scams

Tax fraud is a hot topic in the news and for good reason—tax scams and tax identity theft continue to rise. We've gathered advice from top experts so you can arm yourself with knowledge and stay safe this tax season.
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The unlikely holiday you should celebrate

Even the most open and sharing person probably has a few details about themselves they’d like to keep private. That’s why Data Privacy Day is so important—it may not seem like a thrilling holiday, but staying in control over your personal information falls onto a short list of priceless gifts. And, it’s a gift you can give yourself with just a few simple steps.
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Consumer alert: Don’t fall for “scareware”

Our Remote PC Support team has been fielding lots of calls from customers asking what is known as “scareware.” Designed to scare you into action, these real-looking popup windows “warn” you about security vulnerabilities and urge you to call a 1-800 number for help. The thing is, it’s a scam—these popups (see above and below) are NOT from TDS.
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Is email really safe?

With email servers and security being talked about in the media (ad nauseam), you might feel like email can’t entirely be trusted. But is that perception based in reality?
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6 tips to shop safely this Cyber Monday (and every day!)

It's Cyber Monday, the day we all head online looking for bargains. Although you may be hoping to catch a good deal, cyber criminals are hoping to catch something even more valuable—your information. Get six tips for shopping online safely today, and all season long.
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Cable organization ideas

The spaghetti-like tangle of disorganized cords behind your TV or under your desk could be scarier than your Halloween decorations. Tame that frightening mess with these easy ideas to hide, label, control, or store your cords.
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Shopping season is heating up, and so are scams

Thanksgiving is fast approaching—and so is the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season. Stores are preparing for the onslaught of traffic and so are criminals. Look out for two new phishing scams and follow five best practices to keep your personal information safe.
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Cyber security: you’re not as safe as you think you are

New research by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) reveals we feel a lot more cyber safe than we actually are. In fact, last year, one in five American homes were notified of a data breach (with half of those receiving more than one!)…but yet 79 percent still feel safe! How can you close the gap between how safe you feel and how safe you really are? We've got some easy things you can do.
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