Summer online safety tips for children

It’s summer, which for many children means even more screen time. Helping young people know what is safe and appropriate will help them understand how websites and online platforms can impact them.

To help parents and guardians establish healthy boundaries, TDS Telecom is offering these tips on how to be safe online.

Protect your personal information

Do not give anyone your name, address, the name of your school, or any information about your family.
Do not fill in a profile that asks for your name and address.
Do not give anyone your password, even close friends. Passwords are a link to your personal information. If other people have your password they can pretend to be you or change your information. It is best to not share this information.
Do not post pictures of yourself without your guardian’s or parents’ permission.

Be cautious when connected to the internet
Do not talk to strangers on the internet or agree to meet anyone you’ve met online.
Do not visit a chat room without permission from an adult.
Do not download or install anything on your computer without permission from an adult. Ask if you have any questions or concerns about something you read.
If you are talking to someone online and they make you uncomfortable, remember you can end the conversation and disconnect with them.

Below are some additional online safety resources from the federal government:

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