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TDS ending negotiations with WJXT

This is not the news we hoped to share, but we are ending our negotiations with WJXT. After three weeks at an impasse, it’s clear an agreement—one satisfactory to both parties—is not going to be reached.
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TDS® elects to receive $75.1 million annually from FCC’s Alternative Connect America Cost Model

TDS Telecommunications Corp.(TDS®) will receive approximately $75.1 million a year for the next 10 years from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Alternative Connect America Cost Model. TDS will leverage the funds to expand and improve broadband service to nearly 160,000 homes in 25 states over that time frame.
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Phishing concept

Five ways to spot a phishing scam

It's called "phishing" because cyber criminals try to lure you into their trap, often using a legitimate-looking emails, hoping you take the bait. Their goal? To trick you into revealing account numbers and payment information. The REAL trick is being alert and knowing what to look for so you don't fall for this kind of scam. Since most phishing emails have some common elements, they're easy to spot once you know what to watch for.
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Martin Luther King Jr. and His Message Today

It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Take a brief historical look at his life, and read about what his message means for us today.
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Top 5 Viral Videos of 2016

How many of the top five viral videos from 2016 have you seen? This year's most watched YouTube videos include Adele, Cristiano Ronaldo, and perhaps the most adorable twelve-year-old ukulele player you've ever seen.
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Three apps to start your day off right

Has the cold weather started to get you down? Are you feeling groggy and slow in the mornings and overdosing on coffee to compensate? If this describes you, you’re not alone—but you don’t need to stay stuck in low gear until spring. Instead, reach for your favorite mobile device and give these apps a try.
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FOX negotiation update

We received many responses to our email about the Fox negotiations. While we couldn’t answer every one, we heard you! We wanted to give you a quick progress update.
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service anouncement

WJXT negotiation update

St. Marys TDS TV customers, as we mentioned previously, we’re negotiating with WJXT in earnest because our contract ends on December 31. Despite our best efforts, the station is telling us we may have to take the broadcast down. Get some details about why this may happen, and what options are available to you.
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Gifts your college student really wants this holiday season

The simplicity of a college kid’s wish-list can make them the hardest to shop for come holiday season. Chances are, your college kid has two items tops on their list: sleep and money. While I encourage you to give what you can (mainly time to sleep after finals) these non-tangibles exactly won’t fill up a gift box. As a college student myself, I have gift ideas every person my age would be thankful for.
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Westworld is binge-worthy television

On the surface, Westworld is fantastic plot-driven television, but beneath it are many layers. It can get pretty cerebral, but in a very good way. The show explores themes of technology, history, and even consciousness. With the first season wrapping up, we think there are plenty of reasons to binge-watch this show in time to watch the finale on Sunday night!
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