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Weekly tech news roundup

This week: there are exciting new Kickstarter's like the SmartDuvet Breeze, Tertill (the weed pulling robot) and Ahead (a hands-free biking device). In other tech news, Spotify is experimenting with song sponsorship and Amazon has bought Whole Foods and just launched Prime Wardrobe.
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Time is running out! Archive your videos now

VHS tapes will so become unreadable and research has shown that the tapes lifespan is only 15 to 20 years. Converting old videos to DVD’s or digital copies that can be stored on your computer is the solution to the problem. Check out ways to make sure your videos don’t become unreadable in the next few years.
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TDS sends largest group of volunteers to WPT auction

This year marks the 42nd year of the Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) annual auction. Volunteers are essential to the auction, and this year TDS sent the largest group with 42 registered volunteers.
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Happy 242nd Birthday Army!

The largest US military branch turns 242 today. We honor all of the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving our country and share the Army experiences of some of our employees.
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NFL Draft image from_nfl.com

NFL Draft coming—get ready with TDS TV Video On Demand

Are you ready for some football? Sure, it’s only April, but the NFL Draft is this week! It’ll air live from Philadelphia April 27-29 on the NFL Network. Get prepared by watching all of the NFL-related Video On Demand content now if you subscribe to Expanded Plus or the new Sports Tier.
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How to renew your Lifeline benefits

If you use the Lifeline program to stay connected to your family and friends, there are changes coming to the renewal process you need to know about. Every 12 months, Lifeline participants have to recertify that they qualify for this benefit. TDS is now partnering with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to help make that process even easier.
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Waymo self-driving car_Google_cropped

In three years, your car may do all the driving

Despite ending last year without any flying cars as predicted in the movie “Back to the Future,” there were many other automobile advancements—most notably, the autonomous vehicle, or self-driving car. Although you can’t purchase one of these cars yet, they're coming sooner than you might think!
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Best of Camden

TDS wins Best of Camden

Thank you! We are so honored you chose us as the Best Internet Service in Camden County, Georgia.
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7 ways to celebrate Data Privacy Day (yes, really)

Admittedly, on the surface, Data Privacy Day doesn’t seem super exciting. There’s no themed merchandise, no cards to purchase, and no special foods to make—but there is a gift to be given. By celebrating this unlikely holiday, you can give yourself the gift of control. Specifically, control over your personal information and when, and with whom, you share that data.
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TDS ending negotiations with WJXT

This is not the news we hoped to share, but we are ending our negotiations with WJXT. After three weeks at an impasse, it’s clear an agreement—one satisfactory to both parties—is not going to be reached.
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